Quantum Technologies: A Non-Financial Analysis Term Paper

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Quantum Technologies: A Non-Financial Analysis

Non-Financial Analysis

Despite losses in market share and revenue over the past several years, quantum Technologies remains a leading innovator of alternative energy power trains for automobiles, carbon composite fuel storage vessels and other efficiency-enhancing features of motor vehicles, solar panels for use in stationary electricity production, and a host of other renewable energy technologies (Quantum 2011). The company has struggled under rising costs and a lack of demand for its products that require greater up-front expenditures from consumers during the recent economic recession, and the past three years have shown very poor performance in terms of market reach and sales numbers for the company (Fool.com 2011; Yahoo 2011; Google 2011). Throughout this period, however, the company continued to research and develop new products that keep the company a competitive choice.

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At present, an exclusive contract with luxury electric and hybrid car manufacturer Fisker to produce solar panels for its Karma series promises to revitalize Quantum and place it back at the forefront of the alternative energy industry (Fool.com 2011; Quantum 2011). Continued diversification of the product offerings and research areas that Quantum Technologies remains involved in presents many opportunities for future growth as well as the ability to create effective branding, establishing the company as the source for alternative energy technologies Quantum 2011). Government subsidies for the adoption of renewable energy technologies and long-term savings as well as ethical incentives are expected to increase the market size and Quantum's market share as the global economy recovers (Google 2011; Yahoo 2011).

TOPIC: Term Paper on Quantum Technologies: A Non-Financial Analysis Non-Financial Analysis Assignment

Quantum faces competition in several sectors, but does not really have a perfect competitor operating in all of the same industries and product lines that Quantum offers (Google 2011; Yahoo 2011). Primary competitors include BorgWarner, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of drive-train and power-train components for traditional motor vehicles as well as industrial and agricultural vehicles; with no specialization in renewable energies, this company does not exactly compete directly with Quantum, but when energy source is considered optional BorgWarner's products can absolutely be produced cheaper than Quantum's, and are found in many vehicles (Yahoo 2011). At the other end of the spectrum, SatCon Technology Corp. creates utility-grade renewable energy sources for business; more direct competition is experienced with various products produced by this company, and in recent years SatCon has been more effective at securing industrial contracts (Google 2011).

Market trends are clearly leading to greater sales of "green" technologies as more and more consumers become aware of these products and the need for alternative energies (Fool.com 2011; Quantum 2011). It is expected that ten years from now, solar panels will be standard features in new home construction and utility department expansions, creating a great deal of increased demand for Quantum Technology's products. If these market trends continue even twenty years out, which seems likely as such technologies become cheaper to adopt the more they proliferate, Quantum could well be established as one of the leading providers of energy technologies in utility and motor vehicle use (Fool.com 2011; Quantum 2011).… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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