Race and Cultural Minorities Two Term Paper

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As she damned his choices of politically incorrect racial challenges to the black 'race' of America, social activists on both sides of the aisle stepped up. Cosby's speech itself was received with some laughter and applause, and some wonder if he might have in fact been right. (Dyson, 4.) Nevertheles, Ehrenreich's fast retort with factual solidification proves the supporting evidence to Cosby's claims unsubstantiated, making his arguments invalid de facto. A year after the public debate, the facts at hand are no longer what is important though, but that the conversation existed at all.

The summer of 2005 brought with it another early 1990s full-frontal exposure to the beast that is the actualized version of race in America. Hurricane Katrina and the ensuing flood of New Orleans left white escapees in their SUVs on highways out of the Crescent City, where poor blacks flocked to rooftops and civil gathering halls to escape the torrential currents running the conversation of race back into the political core of the country. While the presidential response was damned for its lack of acceptance of a "race" problem, the other side of the congressional aisle stepped up its campaign for a decisive treatment of race in American life: it's still here, they cry. (Pogrebin, B7.)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Race and Cultural Minorities Two Assignment

The idea of "race" is one that is socially constructed; it is formed of biologically inaccuracies, historical definitions, and concepts of identity. It is denied by biology but maintained by its place in the modern sociopolitical power struggle and perpetuated by those employing its tool for their own means as well as larger social conversation where more academically correct and socially accepted words fall short. "Race" consummates an intangible idea hidden under the farce of visible difference, and it remains an ever-important part of today's society. Despite a hundred years of progress and a few more years for practice, the conversation in which Washington and DuBois engaged so long ago remains true, manifested in the modern debate between Cosby and Ehrenreich. DuBois argued that "the problem of the twentieth century is the problem of the color-line;" the same is true for the twenty-first.

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