Race and Ethnic Relations Dimensions Essay

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To look at Civic Assimilation, the authors examined attitudes and behaviors regarding Alcohol Use.

Overall, they ended up with a sample consisting of 17 useable countries of origin, made up of 1,484 respondents. They analyzed their data using a factor analysis. They found that there were only three orthogonal factors: Structural Assimilation, Cultural Assimilation, and Receptional Assimilation. The larger Sutructural Assimilation factor had large loadings for structural and marital assimilation variables. Cultural assimilation had large loadings for cultural, identification, and civic assimilation. Receptional assimilation had large loadings for attitude and behavior variables (as well as marital).

These orthogonal factors were then used to create assimilation scales for the 17 ethnic groups. They found that structural and receptional and structural factors were significantly correlated, but neither was correlated with Cultural Assimilation. The further found that some groups were ranked consistently across types of assimilation (e.g., people of Russian German and Czechoslovakian decent), while, for many, there was an inconsistent pattern, with, e.g., high cultural assimilation and low structural assimilation or vice versa.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Race and Ethnic Relations Dimensions Assignment

They concluded, then, that a unidimentional approach to studying assimilation is problematic and that at least the three components (structural, cultural, and recoeptional) should be taken into consideration when assessing ethnic assimilation. Further, they say the results of the study "indicate that different ethnic groups have substantially different pattern of assimilation" (707), which directly counters Gordon's assumption that cultural assimilation is the first type to occur. They suggest that both the process and pattern of assimilation is different between groups, and both should be considered as part of a multidimientional approach to analyzing ethnic assimilation…
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