Essay: Race and Ethnicity There Is No Doubt

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Race and Ethnicity

There is no doubt that issues of Race and Ethnicity have had a tremendous impact on American history and have helped shape the face of American society. In fact, the impact of race on society is so tremendous that it has literally been the source of more than one war, and has, at times, brought the country so much turmoil that another civil war seemed likely. Even today, various segments of society continue to address the impact that race has had on American society, whether those people are white supremacists advocating violence against minorities or minority groups stressing the continuing inequality in American society. However, for anyone to believe that this American perspective on race, which places whites in a superior position over non-whites, is unique, is for that person to believe that the United States is the only place where Europeans were able to establish successful colonies that exploited native workers and/or required the import of slave labor in order to prove financially successful. That is not the case. Therefore, there is no unique American attitude towards race; the same racial superiority and horrible consequences of those attitudes show up repeatedly whenever one looks at a former colony.

As Jordan makes clear, the American attitudes about race have a lengthy history. These attitudes developed as English contact with Africans increased. In fact, while the English initially recognized Africans as different and emphasized the role that color played in that difference, they did not initially establish themselves as superior to the Africans (Jordan, p.4-6). However, they came to this introduction with pre-conceived notions about the idea of the color black itself, having associated it with both filth and evil (Jordan, p.6). Later, the color came to be associated with God's curse and linked to slavery (Jordan, p.9). In fact, although Europeans had enslaved sub-Saharan Africans for a long time, pervasive racial attitudes only really began to play a large role in society when the slave trade began to thrive. Coming to America, Englishmen encountered a level of personal freedom that they had not previously known, but they were also confronted with the realities of an untamed wilderness, which caused them to cling to English social norms (Jordan, p. 28). While land was plentiful in America, labor was not, and the first settlers brought indentured servants over to work for… [END OF PREVIEW]

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