Race Gender Rabbit-Proof Fence Examines Reaction Paper

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They are bereft of their original identity as members of their tribes -- which are the closest thing to nationalism that an aboriginal might conceive -- and yet are unwelcome into the newly imposed political structure of the British-Australian political economy.

Thus, the girls portrayed in Rabbit-Proof Fence are powerful symbols and reminders of the tyranny of colonialism. Racism is at the root of the re-education camp concept, as the inmates of this camp are to be slaves and servants once they have been fully dehumanized. The tracker, Moodoo, serves an important role in the film in that he is aboriginal but has sold his soul to work for the Australian authorities. His complicity sends a powerful message of patriarchy: it is patriarchy that oppresses the girls more than any other social or political force. Moodoo might never be fully accepted into mainstream European-Australian society but his desire to participate in and by accepted by the political economy and British hegemony proves to be as nefarious as the Australian system itself.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Reaction Paper on Race Gender Rabbit-Proof Fence Examines Assignment

Rabbit-Proof Fence is a powerful film of political resistance. The girls' determination not just to survive but to survive in freedom underscores the importance of resistance in creating social solidarity movements. Non-violent resistance is not a theme of Rabbit-Proof Fence, but might as well be, as the girls become simply willing to die for what they believe in and to thwart unjust laws and rules. Patriarchy is a devastating normative structure, one that leads to the oppression of women but also all those who are deemed lower social status. It is up to the individual to resist patriarchy and to teach future generations how to overcome oppression. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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