Race: Personal Educational Experiences Thesis

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Finally, I must note that when I was in high school, I can recall hearing students accuse other students of having an 'easy time' getting into college because of their race. In the future, I think adults need to broach this topic and allow for debate on the subject of affirmative action, so this subject can be discussed in a reasoned and non-inflammatory manner. If I were a teacher and overheard such negative comments, I would use it as a 'teachable moment' to help students more critically evaluate their lives and the history of America, and look outside of the narrow world of the self.

No single teacher, however ambitious, can heal the types of inequalities as detailed by authors such as Jonathan Kozol in his work The shame of the nation, a book about the seismic divides between the best and the worst of the American public education system. But a teacher can make her students more aware of such inequalities, and help them see that it is their responsibility to question them, and to heal the hurt of the past through their critical, reasoned, and thoughtful behavior towards others.


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Lewis, Amanda E. (2003). Race in the schoolyard: Negotiating the color line in classrooms and communities. New Brunswick:…
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