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It was not necessarily slavery, but rather the notion that "all men are created equal" that was a huge contradiction, morally, within colonial U.S. It was quite obvious that the people who created the words from the aforementioned quotation did not view all men as equal. The fact that slaves were treated as 3/5 of a man for taxation purposes and for the purposes of representation within the senate and the house illustrates the disparity between the previous quotation, and the reality within colonial America. Race, however, was ultimately able to solve this contradiction by illustrating the fact that just because some is of a different color or skin hue, that person was actually still a human with the same processes and functions as any other man.

Those who were allowed to become a natural citizen before 1954 include whites, African-Americans, and Native Americans. Asians could not become citizens until 1954. Denied citizenship meant that individuals could not vote file lawsuits, own property, or even testify in court.

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There were a couple of different changes that took place that made European "ethnics" become white. One of these had to do with the changing tides of immigration. Once the majority of immigrants to the U.S. came to be non-white peoples, the feelings of nativism shifted from immigration country to color. Additionally, the liberation of slaves and the ensuing Civil Rights movement factored into a 'whites vs. non-whites' mentality.

Federal housing policies institutionalized segregation and wealth disparities by reinforcing the trend in which the wealthy and Caucasians lived in the suburbs, while the minorities and the destitute were given cheap housing within urban environments. Facilitating federal housing in such neighborhoods only made them crammed and packed with poor minorities, providing more of an incentive for wealthier non-minorities to move elsewhere.

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The whites who leave a neighborhood play the major role in the decline of property values when non-whites move in. The whites inevitably leave, and in doing so they frequently take the business and the services that were provided there with them. The lower the property values the more people move in who do not respect and care for the neighborhood, and the cycle continues.

A wonderful thing takes place when measures of racial disparities in place like education and welfare rates when groups of similar income and wealth are compared -- these standard measures of race largely disappear and are no longer relevant. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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