Race Is a Sensitive Issue Essay

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Race is a sensitive issue in the United States, because of the tumultuous history of the nation. Normalizing race relations depends in large part on coming to terms with how race and identity are linked. Race relations have also led to strained interpersonal communications. For example, an APA Press Release (2008) revealed that whites avoid mentioning race when in the presence of persons of color. Moreover, "whites' effort to appear colorblind backfired," as persons of color viewed their avoidance as clocked prejudice ("Seeing Race and Seeming Racist?" 2008). Therefore, being color-blind is neither possible nor desirable. Research shows that "despite society's best attempt to ignore race, the research indicates that race does matter," ("Psychological Research Reveals Fallacies in a Color-Blind Response to Racism" 2009).

Mills (2009) notes that racial attitudes and beliefs "are inherently functional -- they help us orient ourselves to others and the environment in ways perceived to benefit us." Unconscious, deeply rooted emotions are more powerful than cognitions about race, claims Mills (2009). The election of President Obama may help gradually dispel stereotypes and racial prejudices but increased contact with people from multiple backgrounds is the most effective means of eliminating racial attitudes (Mills 2009). DeAngelis (2009) found that open discussions about race are the most effective means of exploring feelings and eliminating prejudices.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Racial prejudice, especially when left unexplored, can turn into violent or aggressive behavior. Most hate crimes are committed by individuals who act… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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