Racial Discrimination and Prejudice Term Paper

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" (p.354) Staples's use of such contrasting imagery between timidity and the physical appearance of a "broad six feet two" man further serves to create an impact on his readers, as the contrasting illustrations succeed in arousing reader sympathy. But perhaps, more than anything else, it is Staples's ability to use his illustrations to draw vivid images, in a mild tone, which results in creating the desired impact on his readers. Take, for instance, his comparison of a mugger warbling Vivaldi's Four Seasons with a hiker wearing a cowbell in bear country! A clever, but subtle, dig at the foolish behavior of society!

Though I have never really experienced the horror of being alienated by racial prejudice, my sympathies are entirely with the black people and other stereotyped minorities. Indeed, if I were ever to experience the type of discrimination described by Staples, I would feel both very sad and angry about being treated like an alien or criminal, and never being given even a chance to prove otherwise.

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Staples, B. "Black Men and Public Space." The Rinehart Reader. Wyrick, J. ed. ThirdDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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