Racial Profiling if Seen Research Paper

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It is highly required of the Congress to pass necessary laws for combating racial profiling. Furthermore, it is also imperative to reform police departments. It is also exceedingly important to recognize and acknowledge the profiling of Arabs and Muslims. In order to preserve democracy in the American society, it is the high time to stop detaining and mistreating Arabs and Muslims and denying them a free and fair trial. Secondly, the values of liberty and equality must be protected from the anti-democratic elements of the new security policies for combating terrorism. Despite the fact that all such regulations are clearly aimed to protect the U.S.A. from terrorism, chances are "that any new instrument of profiling directed toward Arabs and Muslims can become a potential tool for the violation of the civil liberties of other citizens" (Bah, 2006).

To cut a long story short, racial profiling can gravely undermine the fundamental nature of democracy. It must be kept in mind while struggling for ending racial profiling to not substitute one victim for another. Rather, the aim must be to struggle for the values of liberty and equality which would ultimately save and keep all citizens in a democratic society (Bah, 2006).


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Racial Profiling if Seen From Assignment

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