Racism Affecting Native and African-American Essay

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Expectations here are that the research will support that African and Native American are struggling in the United States. Research should provide strong evidence (slavery) and overwhelming statistical data that support this hypothesis. Research will also be generated by individually looking at both groups and the racism that occurs in each (African and Native Americans), then taking time to compare both of them against causations and other minority groups in many socioeconomic factors.

The second question to be researched deals with the idea of why racism against African-American groups is different from racism against other immigrant groups. Expectations here are that the research will provide examples of why racism against African-Americans is different and in many cases worse than other immigrant (minority) groups. Research will be generated by first looking into the idea and definition of what racism is and is not. The research will generate empirical evidence on why racism against African-Americans is different from other immigrant (minority) groups using a historical example of indentured servants vs. slavery to support the argument.

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The third question will explore many of the same ideas as question two but will look at why Native Americans have had trouble advancing in the United States system of stratification. The research about racism from question two will be used again. The evidence generated from this research will look closely at why Native Americans are different from other immigrant (minority) groups. Special attention will be focused on how the white man committed genocidal acts on the Native American people (Stannard, 1992).


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TOPIC: Essay on Racism Affecting Native and African-American Assignment

Stannard, D.E. (1992). American holocaust: the conquest of a new world. New York, NY: Oxford… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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