Racism and Discrimination Essay

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In addition, some sociologists employ field research and participant observational techniques which can provide robust findings and valuable empirical observations; however, these approaches can be highly time-consuming and expensive (Neuman, 2003). By contrast, survey research is a highly cost-effective approach that can provide sociologists with large amounts of data in a relatively short timeframe (Neuman, 2003). Case studies also provide a useful framework in which an issue of interest can be investigated in depth and with greater attention to details (Leedy, 1997). Furthermore, case study research can help identify gaps in the literature and directions for future studies (Neuman, 2003).

Irrespective of the research methodology employed, though, sociologists generally explain the causes of prejudice in terms of personality types that are predisposed towards prejudicial thinking (Farley, 2005). People that hold prejudicial views about others and practice discrimination against one group of people typically have negative views about other groups as well (Farley, 2005).


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The review of the literature showed that sociologists can use a broad array of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, including surveys, interviews, case studies, participant observation, field research and secondary analysis. Each of these research methodologies has its respective strengths and weaknesses compared to the others, and the determination as to which approach is optimal for a given research project depends on the type of information that is needed and the goals of the study. In the final analysis, it is reasonable to conclude that sociologists that employ more than one research approach will gain more insights into the issues of interests compared to those that employ a single approach.


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TOPIC: Essay on Racism and Discrimination Assignment

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