Racism Has the Potential to Ruin Term Paper

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Racism has the potential to ruin our relationships as well as our personal integrity. While few people admit to being racist, most if not all people hold racist beliefs in the form of stereotypes and prejudices. Not all stereotypes equal racism but stereotyping can lead to racist attitudes and beliefs. For example, the stereotype that Asians are bad drivers leads directly to prejudicial thoughts about Asian people, to lump all people of Asian descent into a category and not allowing for individual differences. Stereotypes, even seemingly innocent ones, can cause feelings of resentment, anger or even hatred. When those feelings are discussed openly and gossiped about in certain social groups, a combination of psychological and sociological factors can turn simple stereotypes into racism. Needing to fit into with an in-group, an individual may get on board and criticize members of different races without ever having encountered an individual from that race. Stereotypes and prejudices take on a life of their own like a fantasy story and can easily lead to widespread racism within a society.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Racism Has the Potential to Ruin Our Assignment

Moreover, stereotypes create self-fulfilling prophesies that can also perpetuate racism because each time a person notices a… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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