Racism Seven People Essay

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Using these factors poses imperative questions before attempting to answer about the races in the room. Some questions can involve where the seven people originally originated from, what they perceive about each other, what their cultures are and if they are discriminating against each other. However, the answer given will still be ambiguous.

Culture, habits and customs have always been the determinant of a race and even not the biological makeup. Other societies consider and take certain perceived important physical characteristics and use them to place people in different racial categories. Such classification systems bring little or no difference from one society to the next. Different race and criteria for classification of races vary between different societies. Someone who is considered black in America may be considered as white in Brazil. In Rwanda, all people are black but they divide themselves to two races of Hutsis and Tutsis; hence human is the only one who can determine race in their own perceptions. [footnoteRef:5] [5: 4 "Capitalism and Racism," URL http:/ / http://www.bolshevik.org/1917/no12/no12capitalismandracism.html> (accessed 25th July 2012).]

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One can also choose to use social classification and behavior to group races; blacks are perceived to behave in certain ways, to achieve certain levels because they are blacks. Whites are assumed to behave and achieve in other ways because they are whites. This shows that physical difference does not have much significance, and the attributes of social significance that exist are put into consideration.

TOPIC: Essay on Racism Seven People in a Assignment

Different aspects of racism show that racism is a dogmatic issue based on perceptions and ideologies. Racist thinking involves principles which lead inevitably to the natural and unequal treatment of people of other ethnic groups. There is no society that has equal distribution of resources. In multi-ethnic society's ethnicity is used as a determinant for the nature of distribution of resources. Ethnic groups are ranked in hierarchies causing inequalities. Top ethnic groups maintain power and dominate over those who are low in the hierarchy. Racism causes hatred and undue advantages to racists. [footnoteRef:6] [6: Mark Benson, "Hate and Racism," (2012): URL http:/ / http://www.expatforum.com/america/hate-and-racism.html> (accessed 25th July 2012).]


Different societies have different operative classification systems. It is obvious that the term race is misconceived hence making it exceedingly difficult to employ a useful, universal analytic manner. The point-of-view of cultural macro-evolution should be replaced; this makes it possible for genetic macroevolution and collaboration of cultures and collaboration with the study of races. Where there are inequalities, belief system, ideology patterns should be used to legitimate and regulate these dominant patterns. Regulation can be achieved by subordination of racism. Race is a concept that cannot be determined; one is who they want to be and sometimes what other people say one are.


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