Racism and Various Forms Term Paper

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The neo-liberal laws of Australian government are also regarded as an attempt to cope up with the global economy rather than creating a multicultural society.

Infect the presence of individuals and families of Asian descent in Australia are evident that the global economy has also affected the nation (McGoldrick, Giordano & Garcia-Preto, 2005). The borders and physical lines of human division have also changed and require a great deal of acceptability for the migrants, their personal values, cultures, and professional background to be relevant in the current scenario.

According to Singh (1995) the personal co-existence and value of personal freedom in practicing their native cultural norms is required for a multicultural society. The research further claims that the emphasis on education should be relevant for development of culture rather than cultural maintenance. The educational system development will enable the cultural integration and formation of multicultural society regardless of the cultures, ethnicity, sexes, race, and classes. The mutually acceptable norms and personal values are required to maintain harmony between the majority and minority groups.


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The study Leonard (2006) examines the extant of attitude and barriers faced by the migrants in Australia with respect to their professional careers. The large number of migrants is from English speaking countries. The issues in the labor market of the country are based on their bias about the migrants specifically with respect to the non-English speaking labor. The professional career path and maneuvering that the non-English background of the professionals has to face is regarded as the worst form of racism. The country is not only defamed due to its increased racial behavior in games as well as professional fields.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Racism and Various Forms How Assignment

The statistical analysis of the migrant population reveals that the country has a huge majority of overseas migrants however most of them are either from United Kingdom, New Zealand, or Ireland, or Italy. The migrants from other countries are even less than 1% of the total migrant population residing in the country. The natural hostility of the Australia as a country towards the non-English speaking migrants is a worrying sign for professional and labor market mix in the coming days. The country is undergoing a worst form of racial attitude towards even educated migrants having the professional knowledge. They are restricted to enter the job market through various unannounced and undeclared ways and attitudes found in the local job market.

The labor market access to the migrants form non-English speaking countries professionals had to face sever challenges and as a result they were forced to either take a local educational training through imposing the perceived gap between technology and provide education for relevant fields. The deep routed racial discrimination is embedded in the Australian public. The re-shaping of the iconic themes at these levels cannot be expected in short time frame.

The human resources and scarcity of opportunities in the labor market results into increasing frustration for the migrants. The labor market information and statistical data is not provided to the skilled migrants. The country does not oblige the migrants to receive the required rights within the social and labor markets. The information for migrants is also not accurately provided to the upcoming individuals for labor market access through skilled migration and professional qualifications. The employment agencies also encourage the professionals to seek careers in the mining and labors jobs instead to taking advantage of their expertise in the relevant fields (Bach, 2003). The businesses also discourage the professionals form various fields through highlighting the unemployment rates. The values and qualifications of English speaking countries are valued above the professional and ethical values for migrants coming from non-English speaking countries.

These practices in a country are revel event for developing a basic framework of understanding for the professionals providing counseling services. The understanding of culture, values, and belief system influences the preconceived notions of an individual (Sue, Arredondo & McDavis, 1992). The professionals are required to develop a multicultural understanding in order to work within a country where the individuals are referred to their ethnic backgrounds, educational status, and more to the core the color of their skin. The English speaking professionals are preferred for various reasons in the job market including their knowledge and experience as well as the level of education is also considered authentic.

The non-English speaking professionals are required to obtain their qualifications from Australian institutes in order to qualify for their relevance in the labor market (Omeri & Atkins, 2002). These principles put in place as practice can create anxiety and sense of insecurity for the migrants and as a result may damage their social, financial, and personal interests within the society.


The changing economic and business dynamics around the world has brought the countries and societies closer to each other. It is also noted that increased globalization has also influenced the migration of various individuals from one part of the world to another in perusal of their goals and living. Australia can also be regarded as an example of a country where a large number of migrants moved and sought their settlement. However it is noted that the Anglo-Celtic Australians does not accept the multicultural social norms. The professionals from non-English speaking descents also face issues in the labor market. The education of these individuals is also remarked as substandard.


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Singh, BR (1995)… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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