Radicalization Is a Feeble Research Paper

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[. . .] " The other viewpoint is the European approach: " The European approach aims to confront cognitive and behavioral radicalization, but places more emphasis on the former." In other words this is an exercise in mind reading and prophecy.

The author's premise that the attacks of 9-11 were committed by radical Islamist terrorists is quite laughable in today's world where it is obvious this staged attack was something quite different and even more radical than the author can imagine. Sectarian and ethnic conflicts rarely serve as a direct national or global threat, especially in a world where governments, mainstream and non-radical elements, are responsible for the lion's share of all mass murder, incarceration and general unease throughout.

Radicalization, like every other thing, idea or concept is both good and bad and is nothing more than a tool to be used to help accomplish a goal. The author's attempt to conflate this word to a threat is weak and demonstrates a lack of understanding about how society operates. Military and governments are the radicals in today's society where violence and retribution is in no short order. The state has a legal monopoly of violence, and any attempt to drift from this official line, should be examined and considered a threat according to this article.

The articles confirmed its own lack of understanding as it concluded " As this article has shown, the process of dealing with this challenge will be difficult and, at times, controversial. If anything, the trouble with radicalization has only just begun." In other words the author has little to offer on the matter other…

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