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The progress of the organization through various times also remarked the developments in television broadcasting and manufacturing. It is one of the second major developments of the corporation. The impact of the television broadcasts has a multidimensional impact on cultures and society. The television broadcast created a visual activity for middle classed population of America for leisure and entertainment.

The National Broadcasting Network (NBC) came into being for radio. However it was also used to broadcast television programs for international audience. It is noted that before the commercial wide spread of internet, television was a means for electronic transmission for news, current events, sports, and entertainment. The impacts of television were also profound in shaping public opinions as well as providing information. The major presidential elections and candidate debates were telecasted and rational base for American public to form its opinion's about the votes. The later developments of the corporation were high definition TVs with a vivid picture quality, DVD recordings players, Satellite TV broadcasts, and later home theaters were also launched. All these devices and systems had their own significant for particular target audience. The role in cultural reforms and International information is also vital. The corporation had a significant role in the cross border transfer of information regarding key events and major developments. The role of effective information and communications was established through continuous research and developments in terms of technology and devices.

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Response to Change:

Essay on Radio Corporation of America Company Assignment

RCA has a significant role in shaping communications. It is important to highlight that film, music, theater, and other means of communication had a limited effect on the technology, culture, and society. The initiation of radio had a profound impact on communications industry as whole. Had it been any other business with minimal response to technological innovations a number of developments, devices, and broadcasting technology would either have emerged late or never existed. The effective research and development of RCA underlined significant developments throughout the industry.

The business response to the changes was not only efficient at times it was the factor involved in initiating an innovative development for the target market. The developments of RCA had a long history. It anticipated the changes in technology and integrated them within the system to leverage growth. It was only possible through visionary leadership of its corporate owners, executives, and keen interest of its research and development engineers. The response to key changes in radio, television, and mass communications can be highlighted in two major categories including response to technology and changes in social and cultural aspects.

Technological Change:

Technology was one of the major features anticipated well in advance by the company. It also had a number of developments through its efficient research and developments units. The business initiated its operations through radio manufacturing and broadcasting. Later it acquired technology form Victor Talking Machine and incorporated in their equipment to offer a radio cum recoded music player (Campbell et al., 2011). It was an important response to technology by integrating key features into the product. The subsequent developments of television were also notable. The television broadcasting as well as colored television broadcasting was also one of the responses to technology which enabled the target market to watch images along with the voice. RCA is considered one of the important corporations playing their role in significant development of technology as well as incorporating technology in their advancement of equipment and techniques to broadcast.

Social/Cultural Change:

The famous phrase "picture is equivalent to 1000 words" is relevant to define the significant of developments instigated by RCA to introduce television. The amount of information communicated through television broadcast enabled the viewers to form their own opinion and acquaint themselves with the latest events taking place around the globe. The scope of the response to cultural and social change is not limited to the local communities, RCA business, or USA. It has responded well to the global changes in culture and social developments. The market factors including the desire to purchase leisure and entertainment equipment was anticipated in advance by the corporation. It is also noted that the company incorporated a number of ideas in their business development through chaining technology and demand posed by the target market through cultural and social reforms.


Communications is similar to other industries with regards to desire for changes and improvements. The industry has been revolutionized through various events. These events can be remarked as introduction of radio, television, internet, and mobile devices. These are four key areas having a significant impact on the communications, society, and culture. The changes instigated by these technologies are also vital in opening new avenues of development. The role of RCA cannot be undermined in providing a significant ground for communications and broadcasting. The importance of their developments, devices, and operations in communications and cultures are vital. RCA started their operations in 1919 with a motive to launch wireless communications has significantly impacted the industry. The innovation and launch of television and colored technology in broadcasting is also one of their key contributions (Malanowski, 2011).

The company is still contributing towards society, technology, and cultures through their innovative products and devices. The corporation later entered into DVD, Home Theater, High Definition TVs, and finally the battery operated Mobile DTV with a motive to respond towards market requirements in natural calamities. The long standing history of RCA is related to technology, innovation, and offering a significant development in shaping cultures and societies. The impacts of their developments cannot be undermined through U.S. And global society.


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