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In this sense, a solution would be to combine the news bulletin with news from BBC, France Press or other European news agencies would have a greater chance of being better received by the Arab teenagers, because they will regard them as less subjective than the American set of news.

Finally, as a third alternative solution, I would suggest increasing the proportion of news in Sawa's programs. We may assume that this may partly alienate the core target audience, however, as I have mentioned previously, the radio station does not seem to be thoroughly following through on its mission and we should assume that there is a serious category of persons less than 30 years that will be most likely reached by news and information from the Western agencies.

4. Evaluation of alternatives

Diversification would have the great advantage of presenting different aspects of the American and Western culture, aspects which may reach the target audience and present the American way differently than the local Arab propaganda. Indeed, as I have previously mentioned, American music is not the only representative issue worth presenting. However, as it is often the case, diversification may lead to the loss of part of the audience and here I am referring to the young teenager groups, less than 20 years of age.

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The news presentation segment that would include collaborations with European news agencies will most likely improve the way the news segment are perceived by the targeted audience and will probably increase the degree to which the targeted audience will believe the news and not regard them as an unilateral point-of-view (as it currently is seen). I have in mind again the statement made by the Arab teenager, according to which he has nothing against the Americans, he simply does not agree with them. Maybe presenting a similar point-of-view, but with different means, will turn to an advantage.

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However, the disadvantage is closely related with the advantage in this case. It simply comes from the fact that the European agencies will be regarded with the same reluctance and will still not create a different opinion. We need to remember that the European democracies are regarded on the same level as the United States, as close allies of the latter.

As for the increasing proportion of news and information, this may turn as a boomerang and may decrease the level of audience already reached. If this happens, the consequences can be disastrous, as the company would have to start again at the beginning. However, if it succeeds, the company will be a step closer to achieving its goal.

5. Conclusions and Recommendations

In my opinion, a combination of the three solutions presented here above should be used. This would mean diversification on one side and an increased proportion of news and information, with strong backup from European news agencies on the other. This solution will tend to counterbalance some of the negative consequences that solutions 2 and 3 (see above) may threat to pose. Indeed, diversification would be reaching out to new customer segments, with different interests than the U.S. pop music so in fashion nowadays. In my opinion, it is the 20-30 years age segment that needs to be reached and who will be most likely to receive the American message, In this sense, for them, only pop music may not be enough, but they will find new interests in American culture, with an increased openness towards politics as well.

6. Follow Up and Evaluate

In my opinion, the follow up component should include two different things that will properly evaluate what the consequences of the implemented solution are. First of all, the audience needs to be statistically evaluated over certain period of times. In this sense, it is important to see whether the measures that have been adopted have created positive results (more customer groups in the targeted audience) or if, on the contrary, they have decreased the level of audience.

The second important evaluation perspective should be the political follow up and this is generally done through barometers evaluating the way the targeted audience's perception on the United States has changed. This will be essential in determining whether the solution has actually… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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