Radon and Lung Cancer Term Paper

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Entry points provide radon gas to come in and accumulate. Although keeping sump pits and drains sealed provides radon mitigation, the costs of removing mold or fixing draining problems is a disadvantage. Mold can easily spread and cause substantial damage to a home. The researchers aimed to identify what causes radon levels to rise in home to identify the solution.

Results from the study support the need to seal drains and sump pits. "50% of houses with a perimeter drain, 30% of houses with a sump pit exceeded the New Jersey and federal radon action level of 4.0 picocuries per liter, 47% of homes with both a sump and perimeter "French" drain exceeded" (Shendell & Carr, 2013, p. 18). The evidence suggests specific physical conditions may serve as pathways to allow radon to enter the home and thus increase radon levels. These are accessed via the openings made by drains and sump pits. Sealing may reduce radon levels, but increase likelihood of mold. This then serves to be a main disadvantage.


The sump pump and drain pit suction can be described as a radon fan and sump cover mitigation install. In other words, it can be a 'do it yourself' project with the right tools or is a one to two-day process for a contractor. It begins with drilling through the floor to where the sump line is located. The ventilation in the pipe that must be installed, can go from that point to where the location of the exit point is. Here, the fan will drive the radon out of the home.

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If any cracks come from drilling into the floor, they can be sealed. Installation of the cover then provides the pipe access to the sump and drain and offers a means of controlling the pressure via a gauge. The cover is called a sump dome. The process involves sealing all rubber gaskets and installing a battery-operated control. Each piece of pipe must be sealed in order to prevent any potential radon from leaking back into the house.


Term Paper on Radon and Lung Cancer Assignment

In conclusion, radon is a dangerous radioactive gas. It can cause cancer, especially lung cancer. It cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. Although the exposure to radon is not as frequent to cause a health scare, it remains a concern for anyone living in a home or apartment building. Identified as the second leading cause of lung cancer within the United States, steps must be taken to mitigate exposure.

A solution can be a radon fan and cover mitigation system. Although it requires drilling into a floor, it is easy to do and can be done in a few days. It is relatively inexpensive, yet effective. Use of the systems including drain tile suction, allows radon to leave the house safely. Nevertheless, other problems can arise after installation of this system, such as mold and drainage problems. Although the potential costs of installing a radon mitigation system can be problematic, the reduction of radon in the house should be top priority.


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