Raise Research Proposal

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¶ … raise to the authors regarding the sample of individuals used for this study?

Given the relatively small size of the survey, the disproportionate emphasis on certain demographic characteristics raises questions about its validity. First of all, the study was extremely slanted in terms of gender: of the 169 employee surveys that were returned, 24.4% were derived from male responses while 75.6% were from women. Women and men may feel different levels of stress, and respond with different behaviors, based upon different types of negative stimuli. Also, the sample was drawn from a narrow range of professions, mostly from the administrative professions -- from academic and financial sectors. The personalized and hierarchical nature of the workplace in these two fields may mean there may be a greater emotive response to interpersonal stressors.

Review the limitations section of the paper (p.57). List three suggestions for the study's re-design based on concerns raised in this section and describe each of the three suggestions.

Increase the number of participants and the range of industries included in the study. This will allow for a wider demographic sampling and also a more balanced gender profile.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Proposal on Raise to the Authors Regarding the Sample Assignment

Do not allow the incumbent to choose the coworker included in the study dyads. To ensure that the worker is well-acquainted with the incumbent, ask the incumbent to choose ten individuals familiar with his or her work, and then randomly select a partner. It is less likely a close friend will be included in the dyad. Purely random… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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