Raise Driving Age From 16 Term Paper

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(Capitol Focus Issue Brief AB 1877: Raising the Minimum Driving Age)

It goes without saying that driving is a vital part of our society. Learning to drive is a basic requirement in case of people who do not have access to public transportation. With teenagers reaching the legal driving age, they bask in the glory of freedom which driving brings. The opportunity of driving needs a responsibility to give care and good judgment. But a lot doubt the whether the 16-year-olds are responsible enough for this opportunity? Of course they are. Accidents might happen to anybody at any point of time. A lot of parents are of the opinion that driving age should not be raised. They want they their kids learn driving early during their teens and by 16 they should be able to drive so that they can run errands, pick up household groceries and drive themselves to their school. Besides they could also help their younger siblings to their activities. Their parents argue that when 16-year-olds are able to baby-sit what is the harm for them to allow them to drive. (Why is the Driving Age Increasing?)

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As is understood by everybody, teens are eager to start driving early and do not want to wait until they are eighteen years of age. But this is what the officials consider must be happening. Presently, a senior in college is required to wait in order to get the privilege to take to driving. The question remains is that are 18-year-olds more responsible compared to 16-year-olds. Not always. Even though it is a fact that new drivers get penalties for traffic violations, but if they are 16 or 18 years in age they still get the same amount of driving. Hence, will this improve the standards of driving or will it not? Tests demonstrate that in excess of 5,800 have lost their lives in motor vehicle accidents. Well, it cannot be said that this goes on to prove anything, but was the survey taken of 16-year or 18-year-old youths? It is even said that since teenagers are not permitted to vote prior to the age of 18, so why to give them the responsibility of driving. (Why is the Driving Age Increasing?)

Term Paper on Raise Driving Age From 16 Assignment

However, a solution which the Michigan state has come forward is an idea which teenagers may like. This proposition comprises three stages of licensing for new drivers. In the first level, 16-year-old drivers can drive with a 21-year-old licensed person. For emerging successful in the first level one is required to have a 24 hours classroom teaching and 6 hours practical training with a driving instructor. In the second level, a person is permitted to drive without single person, except during midnight and 5'o'Clock. In case of second level, the age must be16. In this level, one has to drive for 50 hours at the minimum, 10 of which ought to be at night. To qualify for securing a pass marks, one has to apply for a level two license. For getting into the third level one has to possess a level two license. In this level, one has to attain at least 17 years. To pass, one has to keep the level-2 license. Upon passing all the three level, the person will become a good driver. Allowing teenagers to drive at 16 years will enable them to start young such that they will possess the maximum amount of adult supervision driving. (Why is the Driving Age Increasing?)


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