Rape as a Social Issue Research Paper

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This would show that women are capable of performing the same tasks as men, and this would make them look equal within the society.

Programs and policies

There are rape prevention and education programs that provide individuals with information that would assist in preventing sexual assault. The program aims at strengthening sexual violence prevention efforts, which is done at the local, state, and national level. The program engages bystanders and provides them with information about the benefits of having healthy relationships and changing their social norms. The youth are also educated on the importance of building and cultivating healthy relationships with people of the opposite sex. There are hotlines provided in each community. The hotlines offer the community with assistance and guidance in case of any sexual related questions. The Rape Assistance and Awareness Program aims at eliminating sexual violence, which is done by assisting the victims in their healing. The program also educates the public on sexual violence and prevention methods. The program offer low cost services to the victims, and provides immediate crisis intervention services. RAAP has a 24-Hour hotline for rape victims, which provides guidance to the victims. The hotline also directs victims on where to get counseling services.

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Policies have been developed that provide funding for rape victims. This policy ensures that rape victims are supported financially. The financial support allows victims to provide for their families while recuperating. Protection for rape survivors and their children is another policy. This policy protects the rape victims who got pregnant after they were raped from the rapists. The rapists used to demand for parental rights from their victims. This policy ensures that the rapists do not bother the victims. Blocking the rapists from demanding for visitation and custody of the children is the goal of this policy.


Research Paper on Rape as a Social Issue Assignment

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