Rapid Population Growth... Though I Am Impressed Essay

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¶ … Rapid Population Growth...

Though I am impressed and elated at the black-footed ferret's proven ability to come back from the brink of extinction and repopulate its natural habitat after captive breeding, something in the first paragraph of this article caught my eye and deserves, I believe some measure of reaction. What attracted my attention and caused me to bristle slightly is the fact that many endangered species bred in captivity and then re-released to their natural habitats "fail to produce self-sustaining populations" due in part to the "persistence of the environmental factors that caused the species to become endangered." Now, it does not particularly raise my wrath that the authors include this seemingly obvious statement in the first two sentences of their article, but the fact that this fact needs to be included is somewhat maddening. If the same environmental pressures that caused a species to become endangered still exist after a captive population has been bred,… [END OF PREVIEW]

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