Rationalism, Government Ethics and Differential Essay

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75). Also, if the doctor makes a mistake, the doctor might lose income but the layperson might lose his life, so there is an imbalance in the effects of a mistake. Consequently, the doctor provides medical treatment and the agent of the layperson. This dual responsibility is important because society does not want the doctor to just make a profit as the medical provider; it also wants the doctor to enhance the well-being of the layperson (Wrigley & McKevitt, 1994, p. 75).

The concept of differential knowledge is important in the "core public sector" of health, education, welfare and security (HEWS) (Wrigley & McKevitt, 1994, p. 76). The government is the centralized, stable and continuous institution that historically ensures that resources are ethically allocated in the core public sector in the best way for the public good (Wrigley & McKevitt, 1994, pp. 76, 82). The public cannot rely on the market for the most optimal allocation of resources because the market is guided by self-interest. As the demand for these resources increases, government ethics is increasingly important: due to differential information, leaving the public at an information disadvantage, when the government is dealing with the public allocation of resources or the allocation of resources by professionals, the government must use and enforce ethics to ensure fair allocation (Wrigley & McKevitt, 1994, pp. 82-3).

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TOPIC: Essay on Rationalism, Government Ethics and Differential Assignment

Wrigley, L., & McKevitt, D. (1994). Professional ethics, government agenda and differential information. In D. McKevitt, & A. Lawton, Public Sector Management: Theory, critique and practice… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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