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(Mascola, 1989, p 10)

In all these efforts, it must be said that more than himself, Kroc had faith in other individual because of the fact that it was upon them that he depended to be successful. F one looks at the way that Kroc achieved success it can be seen that he used the people to provide them with services, and profited from it. However, it could be said that such a strategy was a risk, but it was a risk that Kroc was willing to take in order to gain control. Perhaps he estimated that he would at least be able to pay back the loans he had taken through the same restaurant he purchased in case he was not able to expand the business successfully. However, things worked out in his favor and he expanded across the country. (Mascola, 1989, p 15)

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Later, in 1977 when according to data the organization was not doing as well as it used to Kroc's aspirations took him further. This may be said because of the fact that this was the time when Kroc decided to employ a newer strategy that would overshadow the previous one in which he decided to supply quality fast-food across the country with the same standard. Kroc decided to re-launch McDonald's on an international scale. (Ciulla, 1995, p 6) Though at first the process was slow, with the occurrence of globalization in years to come McDonald's outlets were seen across the globe. By mimicking his previous strategy of nationwide advertising programs Kroc also used a similar strategy which had international appeal. Again here, it can be seen that Kroc was determined to get the organization off the floor, and did so using the very people whom he wished to serve. By putting his customers first, he managed to gain immense support for the business. The advertisement for McDonald's was almost synonymous to American food, and people who were deprived of American culture in their regions were given the opportunity to experience it. This was a thundering success as several franchises opened. The reason for this immediate success was because of the fact that Kroc had already laid the foundations for an international success. All that was really needed was an introduction to the organization overseas. (Mascola, 1989, p 15)

Term Paper on Ray Kroc Paying Particular Attention Assignment

Business leadership in the light of globalization today is a field that requires the best of skill in managing business practices. Indeed, leading a business is a responsible job, and in this highly competitive and globalized world quality leadership in an organization is of great importance. (Barnes, 1996, p 430)

Managing businesses today is a sensitive process that defines whether or not a business will be successful. Business Leadership today is a science that requires the best of skills that one should be equipped with to survive in places like the international market or as top producers in a single country. Competition is tough nowadays since there are many who are aware of all the tricks in managing business. With certain businesses emerging as the leaders in the market they also have to prove themselves and remain there. Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one. This is because of the fact that there will be other businesses that will mimic similar strategies in order to reach where any other has. (Avolio & Bass, 1999, p 450)

Observing the manner in which Kroc gained success so quickly overseas, it must be realized that this affect was a result of the manner in which he established and maintained the fast-food chain that he worked hard for. This again brings to mind the manner in which he treated some of his employees. But it must be realized that this was perhaps one of the side effects of sticking strictly to standards. In this argument it could be stated that by firing an employee fear is created and other employees automatically take care of what standards they have to stick to. By committing such cruelty it must be realized that an owner or a chairman puts his or her business first. Nothing comes in the way of a businessman and success. In particular, nothing came between Kroc and his work, as he said that when he was at work McDonald's came before God (Kroc & Anderson, 1990).

How important was change to this person's career, and how did he/she deal with it? Was ability to foresee and cope with change critical to success?

Since the beginning of McDonald's, Kroc appeared to be an individual ready to conform to change. In fact it could also be said that he thrived on change and was instrumental in bringing about change. This is something that is witnessed from the time that an idea clicked in Kroc's mind when he stared at a hamburger while he worked for McDonald brothers.

As exemplified in the account about the change that Kroc thought of when he working for the company, his career began with change and this was a major move. By buying the organization off the McDonald brothers, it can be seen Kroc was ever willing to confront change in his career. His approach to his career was one that was gutsy because of the fact that there is a large amount of risk that he accepted along with the possibility of momentous success.

Coping with change appears to be a strong point in Kroc, as he was responsible for the change that he induced to begin his career. Perhaps because of the fact that he was able to foresee situations that he induced change in his career. Clearly, this is what was seen when Kroc created the chain in America with standards being maintained equally across the country. His foresight was proved accurate as he achieved what he set out to do. Also, he managed to have these standards maintained for years to come, signifying the success he had in this part of his career.

Later, when sales went down in the late to mid 1970s, Kroc was faced with new challenges. At this point in his career he had to face changes and cope with them to continue the success of his business. In an attempt to ameliorate the condition of the business, as it had depreciated, Kroc designed another strategy. This strategy was one that overshadowed what he designed and implemented in the past. It was one that would gain him worldwide recognition in addition to covering the losses that McDonald's had faced in recent years. This wider approach that targeted the international market exemplifies Kroc's thinking. Such a strategy was a total knockout in response to the losses he faced within the U.S. (Mascola, 1989, p 15)

It must be said here that facing change in business and coping with it effectively certainly does determine the extent of success in business, as demonstrated by Kroc. This ability to face change effectively is a result of possessing particular traits that are necessary for survival in the market. Foresight is the trait that Kroc has demonstrated most effectively in the light of change, and had used it effectively to rejuvenate the organization.

How did he/she maintain the aura and impression of a strong, effective leader? (How a prince should organize his militia)

There were several elements that contributed to defining the image that Kroc had carved for himself though his work. Little about his personal life needs to be included in this description as it is concerned with an image of his professionalism. Kroc, a man of strong will and desire to conquer proved himself as a businessman through the ideas that he developed over a period.

As pioneer of the chain of fast-food outlets in the U.S. he maintained control by placing himself in a vital position that determined the success of the organization. This is because of the fact that he endured many long and hard days to make sure that standards were being maintained throughout the chain. Franchises also had to come up to par and prove that they could serve customers the way that Kroc expected them to.

Kroc always put the customers first and expected all staff members at all outlets to conform to certain standards and not to compromise on them. Indeed, in his own words, Kroc says, "If you work just for money, you'll never make it, but if you love what you're doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours" (McDonald's Corporation, 1996).

As a leader, Kroc organized himself extremely well by placing himself in a position among others to keep a bird's eye view on the business. He was not an individual who ruled through slyness. In fact his strategy was one that was very open because all employees knew that he would… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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