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Raymond Carver's short story "The Cathedral" discusses with regard to how the majority of people are inclined to express ignorance concerning other people's experiences. Furthermore, the story emphasizes that it is especially easy for someone to believe that society's perspective is the correct perspective. The narrator constantly tries to justify his behavior and his thinking by relating to how it is perfectly normal for him to do so. As a consequence, readers are likely to accept that social acceptance can influence some individuals to lose their personal identity and their connection with themselves.

The narrator's wife has a tumultuous background and this makes it difficult for the narrator to host one of her old friends into his house. In spite of the fact that the narrator's actions initially seem natural, it is gradually revealed that he manipulated readers by presenting them with an imagined version of the situation that he was about to experience.

Ethos dominates the first part of the story as the narrator wins the trust of people reading the story. Pathos follows by having readers feel that the narrator's love life is endangered by the fact that his wife absolutely wants her friend to visit. Logos intervenes when it is revealed that the blind individual is actually a very likeable person and that he actually poses a threat.

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In his struggle to put across complex thinking that he believes is perfectly justified, the narrator virtually loses his personal identity. He believes that it is in his best interest to focus on clear facts and on socially acceptable behavior with the purpose of demonstrating that the blind man's presence in his home is damaging, both for himself and for his wife.

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Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "The Birthmark" is meant to discuss with regard to topics like perfection and the misery people experience as a result of chasing after it. Knowledge apparently has a negative impact on the protagonist, Aylmer. The character believes that the experience he has in sciences provided him with the authority to distinguish between perfect concepts and imperfect concepts. He thus believes that it is his right to perfect anything that he has particular interest in and is almost perfect.

Aylmer has extensive experience in science and philosophy and it thus appears that he actually knows what he is doing at the time when he embarks on a journey meant to provide him with the resources necessary for him to make his wife, Georgiana, perfect. The fact that her only imperfection is a small red birthmark that looks like a hand on her cheek further contributes to having… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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