Reaction to Proof Things Term Paper

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Mathematical Proofs middle school mathematics teacher seems at first to gain little from absorbing an article like Kleiner & Movshovitz-Hadar's "Proof: A Many Splendid Thing." However, the authors' explication on the origin of mathematical truth-finding and the changing role of the proof in mathematics reveals several key points that can incorporated into general math classrooms. For example, Kleiner & Movo*****z-Hadar discuss the confluence of philosophy and math throughout history, pointing out especially their shared use of logic and dependence on the successive logical proof in explaining their mutual discoveries to colleagues. Similarly, junior high students may be able to appreciate, if not the details of the Enormous Theorem, at least the process of thinking that underlies mathematical proof. The gap between the seemingly abstract world of theoretical math and everyday reality may not be as great as we all think. Students of math can especially benefit from a deeper understanding of the proof for the satisfaction it can bring. Mathematics is not only about measurements, calculations, and counting. Rather, mathematics form the building blocks of rational thought: our work is about process and proof.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Reaction to Proof Things Assignment

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