Reading Skills of Students Research Paper

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Reading Skills of Students With Speech Sound Disorders at Three Stages of Literacy Development

Topic and Purpose -- The purpose of the study was to examine reading comprehension and decoding in the context of overall language, vocabulary, nonlinguistic cognitive skills, and phonological awareness. Studying that relationship can provide insight into students who have speech sound disorders, which is the topic of the paper. Three stages of development of literacy were examined for the study, including early elementary school, middle school, and high school students, in order to provide a solid cross section of information.

The study was designed to determine the correlation between various aspects of language as they related to reading comprehension. This allowed the researchers to better understand reading development, speech sound disorders, and the factors that surround them. By examining those with speech sound disorders with (and without) language impairment and comparing them to students who do not have these issues, a higher degree of understanding can be found. Additionally, there are ways in which these students can be treated that may not have been previously discovered.

Research: Who and Where -- The study was conducted by six researchers and involved students in an elementary, middle, and high school. There were 234 families that participated in the study, which was conducted with participants from an ongoing longitudinal study related to family genetics and speech sound disorders.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Reading Skills of Students With Assignment

Why the Study was Performed -- The study was performed with the goal of expanding the research that had already been done on the issue. This allowed for an examination of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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