Real Estate Development Case Study

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Real Estate Development

In every Real Estate Development project regardless of the location the government is a necessary partner. The following is a description of a project that is being built in a prosperous close in a suburban village near a large population center. Tell me in outline form: 1. The various government requirements that the developer will encounter and 2. What must the developer do to satisfy those requirements?

The various government requirements for the developer will depend upon: the city and state that the properties are located. This is because each community; will have different regulations that will apply to: the activities of the developer and what they are allowed to do under the law. The below outline will detail some of the challenges the developer will encounter and what must steps must be taken to satisfy these requirements. (Kemp, 2003, pp. 89 -- 103)

Requirements the Developer will Encounter

Urban renewal regulations -- These require that certain historical aspects of the community must be in place at all times (such as: the maintaining a certain width and style of the street).

The disposal of hazardous material -- This means that the company will have to account for how the will remove materials that were used in some of the old building such as: asbestos.

Zoning -- Since residential homes are being demolished and retail space is going to be developed, means that there could be different zoning issues that will have to be addressed. (Kemp, 2003, pp. 89 -- 103)

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Satisfying these Different Requirements

Urban renewal regulations -- To satisfy these different regulations all of the precise specifications must be addressed. This will take place during the planning and construction phases.

Disposal of hazardous material - The disposal of hazardous material will require making certain that protective suits are used. At the same time, all waste must be sent to locations that can safely dispose of these substances.

Case Study on Real Estate Development Assignment

Zoning -- This will require the developer obtaining the proper approval from: the local government (before beginning any kind of construction). (Kemp, 2003, pp. 89 -- 103)

How does the political world impact development? How do developers and development impact politicians?

The way that politics is having an impact upon development is based upon:… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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