Recalling a Time When Managers Term Paper

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My true nature is one of high acumen, and a business mind that is very entrepreneurial in substance.

3. If I was interested in changing someone's behavior, and I was in a position of authority and had responsibility for that person, so much so, that the person would actually listen and be influenced by my actions, I believe that I could reinforce their behavior by using positive not negative actions. I would ensure that the behavior was learned by providing different incentives for each step along the route. Each time the person would take the next step in learning the desired behavior, they would be rewarded accordingly. If, by chance there were any backsliding taking place, then the rewards would be taken away, or a punishment would entail.

Whether the person were progressing or regressing, the punishments or rewards would escalate in equal proportion to the learned (or unlearned) behavior.

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4. Some of the characteristics that I would like to leave as a lasting impression after a job interview include the ability to communicate in an acceptable and intelligent manner, as well as a sober, intelligent and serious minded candidate. I would watch the interviewer and use body language to get him/her to relax. Such actions as leaning back, opening the body, making eye contact, and spreading your arms displays the sense that you are an open-minded individual and one who is comfortable within his own skin. Expressing oneself in an articulate manner is also important and using key words such as teamwork, team player and collaborator is almost always helpful in job interviews.

Term Paper on Recalling a Time When Managers Assignment

5. The Youtube video was very intriguing and changed my opinion somewhat on what I believed before I viewed the video to what I now perceive. Initially, I imagined that most employees were motivated by greed, or money. However, it seems that such motivation is only true when the mechanical jobs or tasks are to be achieved, not when the cognitive tasks are required. In other words, mindless drones doing mindless work, are highly motivated by money, while those employees who display a somewhat higher intelligence are often motivated on a higher plane, searching for autonomy, perfection and personal satisfaction. It is hoped that my motivation comes stems from the more cognitive aspects… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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