Recreation for Children and Youth Term Paper

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¶ … Recreation for Children and Youth

Recreation is an essential part of a child's natural development and growth.

Recreation is not only important in terms of physical health and well - being but is equally important in terms of the psychological, moral and personal growth of the child. I believe that the importance of recreation cannot be underestimated. At the same time recreation needs to be well planned and monitored so that it provides the most advantageous environment for a child's development.

A useful definition of recreation is one which sees the full spectrum of possibilities that recreational activities offer. One such definition is as follows. Recreation is defined as, any activity, voluntarily engaged in, which contributes to the physical, mental, or moral development of the individual or group participating therein, and includes any activity in the fields of music, drama, art, handicraft, science, literature, nature study, nature contacting, aquatic sports, and athletics, or any of them, and any informal play incorporating any such activity."

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According to this definition, recreation is seen in a much wider context than is normally the case. Another definition which pinpoints the positive effect of recreation is, "Recreation is an experience that adds substance and content to living." (Nash 195) positive aspect of recreation is that it provides a "space' and a means for the child, or adult, to cope with daily stress. This is an important aspect for children in a world which is increasingly more complex and competitive and which makes more demands of children in terms of excelling and performance than ever before.

Recreational activities can also prepare the child in a friendly and non-stressful way for the rigors of the competitive world. This aspect also relates to health and well-being. "Participation in leisure activities provides resources that assist people either to resist the onset of stress reactions or cope with stress before stress has an impact on health."

TOPIC: Term Paper on Recreation for Children and Youth Recreation Is Assignment

Effects Of Parks And Recreation Services On Human Development And Other Benefits) related aspect is that leisure and recreation helps the child to come to terms with possible trauma and psychological issues. This is especially the case with regard to children recovering from injury or illness. Leisure activity can also be used " a source of motivation to sustain coping efforts. " (Effects Of Parks And Recreation Services On Human Development And Other Benefits)

It has also been found that children who have access to leisure facilities and a good recreational environment tend to perform better their academic activities.

Adolescents who spend time in communities that are rich in developmental recreational opportunities... experience less risk and show evidence of higher rates… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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