Recruiting a Marketing Manager Professional Writing

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A second strategy is using a hiring team. In this strategy, the Pleasant Manor management would need to put together a team to hire the marketing manager. This team needs to be knowledgeable of the requirements of the position and best recruiting practices. The team will be involved with sourcing and selection of the candidates.

The company could also decide to go with headhunting as a recruitment strategy. Using this strategy, the company would use a person, possible the chief executive officer, as the chief recruiter. This person in consultation with industry experts would identify suitable persons for the position and use his networking skills to contact and attract the person. This is the best strategy for Pleasant Manor for several reasons. First is that it is cheap in terms of costs and also uses previous successes of potential candidates as their selling points for hiring.


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The job description for the marketing manager chosen for Pleasant Manor is modeled against job descriptions developed for marketing managers expected to play the same role. The skills for the marketing manager are those that marketing managers in general need to be successful in their positions. According to Schuler, Farr & Smith (1993)'s social validity model, the personal relationship that exists between the applicant and the person conducting selection greatly affects the person's decision to accept the position. This is the major reason why the headhunting process is chosen for Pleasant Manor. This method also has a lower cost because it does not involve placing advertisements in mass media that are often expensive or other similar strategies to increase visibility of the vacancy.


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TOPIC: Professional Writing on Recruiting a Marketing Manager Recruiting Assignment

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Job description


Responsibility for handling all marketing activities for Pleasant Manor. Covering internal and external promotion, advertising, and marketing activities, and relations with clients, including developing creative marketing strategies for Pleasant Manor.

Key responsibilities

Responsible for developing and implementing marketing strategies for Pleasant Manor to meet agreed goals and objectives,

Evaluate market conditions, consumer satisfaction, competitor data, and success of the marketing plan regularly,

Oversee all advertising, marketing, and promotional activities of the organization, and Deliver all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities within the agreed budget.

Relationships and roles

Report directly to chief executive officer and board of directors regarding all marketing activities,

Build trust and value for consumers, and Direct marketing staff on activities to be conducted.


At least five (5) years experience in marketing preferably in adult day care centers, skilled nursing facilities, or nursing homes,

Experience developing, implementing, and delivering on marketing objectives,

An in depth understanding of consumers and competitors of the programs and services offered by Pleasant Manor, and Proven ability to manage a diverse marketing team.

Recruiting advertisement

Pleasant Manor is seeking a marketing manager to lead and direct their marketing activities. Based primarily in their facility at Vero Beach, Florida, the person will be tasked with the challenge of developing and implementing effective marketing strategies and leading the diverse marketing team. The successful person must demonstrate commitment to developing marketing strategies for the facility and to be creative and proactive.

To apply or recommend a suitable candidate, please contact… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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