Recruitment Plan Term Paper

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Recruitment Plan

The airline industry is perhaps one of the most volatile industries in the world.

It is an industry whose way of doing business is constantly changing due largely in part to outside forces. Not only are they subject to regular bankruptcies, mergers and acquisitions, they are subject to such uncontrollable factors as the political and economic situation of society and its customer base. Thus, the human resources manager in an airline industry has the challenge of staffing for this ever-changing need.

Because the airline's needs are in a constant state of flux, the first step the human resources manager must take is to establish a system that allows for a regular evaluation of the need and then recruit based on the evaluated need. Within the industry there are numerous different levels of positions, from executives to pilots, from stewardesses to maintenance personnel. The human resources manager will only be able to successfully recruit and thus staff each of these diverse needs if they create a line of communications with each department in order to access their specific needs and then base the recruiting plan on this gathered information.

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The airline human resources manager's job is complicated by the challenge of the ever-changing need of the airline industry. Because the industry is rapidly changing, job security is a regular question of an employee at any level. For this reason, the airline human resources manager must recruit for the future, a place where they can offer some amount of a guarantee for job stability.

The three main issues that a human resources manager will face in the industry is the increase in the amount of outsourced jobs, recruiting personnel who are qualified to handle the increased level of technology involved in the industry, and to be able to successfully handle employee disgruntlements and possible strikes or other union-based actions.

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For example, new technology is even effecting the role of the human resources manager in that many human resource function can now be, in a sense, outsourced to a technological program. Recently computer giant IBM reached an agreement to provide American Airlines with all their human resources services software. The technology is aimed at automating services and complement best practices for the human resources administration. Because of American Airlines large employee base, it saw this opportunity as a chance to strengthen its employee's job satisfaction by providing flexible human resources services and thus ensuring that employees have access to information and services no matter where their location is.

The IBM services will replace many traditional human resource professional needs. The software will now provide automated and standardized training, recruitment and staffing, along with technology and call-center support. Further, as part of the agreement, IBM will partner with Mercer in order to deliver efficient health and benefits, pension plans, compensation administration and employee communication consulting services.

Although the implementation of this human resources technology may result in… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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