Recruitment and Selection: Budget Analyst Term Paper

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Recruitment and Selection: Budget Analyst

What is your relevant labor market for this position? Based on this, what recruitment source(s) are appropriate?

The immediate labor market for the budget analyst position in question consists of accounting or finance majors with a bachelors or masters degree, with the latter degree being preferred. The recruitment sources for this position would include local and regional colleges and universities offering finance and/or accounting majors, as well as more experienced professionals seeking a better job (Davidson & Fielden, 2003). As a last resort, employment agencies would be used. This approach is congruent with the guidance provided by Arthur (2006) who advises that it is important to "continue exploring various recruitment sources until you find the right employee. Resist pressure to settle or compromise your standards if you're unable to fill an opening right away. Rather, reexamine the sources and adjust as needed" (p. 6).

What information would you include in your position announcement/advertisement given the recruitment source(s) you chose?

The following minimal information would be included in the position announcement:


BS in Accounting or Finance, MBA preferred


2-3 years of progressively responsible experience that included the preparation, analysis, and administration of a budget or fiscal system


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PC proficiency is essential (Windows environment) and strong working knowledge in a.






Establish a selection process in order to establish a candidate pool and make your hiring decision.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Recruitment and Selection: Budget Analyst What Is Assignment

Applicants who most closely satisfy all of the requirements for the position would comprise the candidate pool. In this regard, Arthur emphasizes the need for pragmatism: "It is one thing to seek out the best possible applicant for a job and to be persistent about it, yet quite another to hold out for the ideal employee who may only exist on paper. Adhering to job-specific competencies will enable you to remain realistic" (2006, p. 6).

In your job description you developed a list of competencies (i.e., KSAs) that are required to be successful in the job. From this list, identify… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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