How Recruitment and Selection Strategies Influence Business Success Research Paper

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Link between corporate strategy and human resources strategy

Fathi et al. (2011) states that in defining the corporate strategy of an organization, there is need to align this with the company's human resource strategy. In defining the diversity of the company's portfolio, making crucial decisions regarding the business ventures of the company, and corporate direction, human resources are of extreme important. Bowen et al. (1991) state that human resources bring sustainable competitive advantage to the company since they provide ways for the company to change their corporate strategy to reflect changes in the business environment.

Human resources of a company help it to achieve the drivers of success, which are superior quality, efficiency, innovation, and customer service. These drivers of company success are built through human resources, as a tangible resource that creates capabilities of the company (Robbins, 2005). By having the best human resources, the company is able to create complex interactions for the company to trace a successful path.

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For the continuous improvement of the company, human resources through self-reliant, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals helps companies to institute the best practices and be innovative (Jankovic, 2014). They also help to encourage competition and teamwork that encourage the company to create capabilities towards their success. To achieve this, companies must ensure they hire individuals who are self-motivated, high-performance, and able to meet and exceed their expectations in the company.

When a company chooses a corporate strategy of cost leadership, its human resources are the most important in making sure this strategy helps them succeed. The company should ensure they hire employees who are able to deliver in a cost-efficient way such as not expecting to fly business class, that accept an incentives system that rewards cost-effective performance, and align other interests of the business to the individual interests.

Research Paper on How Recruitment and Selection Strategies Influence Business Success Assignment

In a company that chooses the strategy of differentiation, it is important for the human resources hired to create value for the company's products and services by being innovation, and making sure this value is portrayed effectively to the customer. In this company, the individuals should accept the challenge of value creation and accept performance measures that require them to ensure the products and services of the business are differentiated (Ho, Lee, & Wu, 2009).

Influence of changes in business strategy to human resource strategies

When a company changes their business strategy, it means that several other components also need to change in order to be in line with this new business strategy. With the need for companies to increase value for their customers, and ensure they gain competitive advantage, they face challenges in aligning other business processes (Odom, 2013). The hiring practices also need to change and employees need to be re-oriented to this new direction in order to retain them. The major driving force for this change is the human resources (Johnson & Guetal, 2013). As described by Revels and Morris (2012), an organization that empowers its employees towards improved productivity to meet this new strategy. The company must thus ensure its recruitment and selection strategies reflect the business strategy towards achieving these goals. The company's senior management and other employees need to have the same direction in their decision-making process towards achieving this goal.

According to Johnson and Guetal (2013), there are questions about the value of the business' human resources to the business strategy. They argue that for companies that have strong and embedded human resource strategies, the new dimension of the corporate strategy creates huge change that is hard for the companies to bear. It may be a significant factor in low employee retention rates and make it difficult for the company to find the right talent. The authors also state that the company may spend more time trying to refocus its human resources strategies towards the organizational strategy. However, this argument is countered by the fact that human resources of a company are essential in its success. For a company to be prepared to meet its goal, the employees must have a good understanding of the business strategy (Blizzard, 2013). The company thus needs to change its hiring processes in this way.

Elements of proper selection

In order for a company to select the right employee, it is necessary for them to ensure that the job is advertised as widely as possible and the job specifications posted on the job advertisement are correct. The jobs are often placed on the company website since it is often seen as the easiest source of jobs in the company. Graduate recruitment through colleges and universities and social recruiting where jobs are posted on social networks are also increasing in popularity. This starts from conducting a job analysis where the company gets to understand the detailed job requirements and the necessary skills and experience needed to fulfill the role. It is also important for the company to use the right interview technique. The interview techniques should focus on getting the verbal and nonverbal behaviors of the candidates and should match the job requirements to make sure the selection process is effective in getting the right candidate. The screening interview helps to shortlist candidates, for example, when there are many applicants while the structured interview provides in depth information regarding the candidate's goals, qualifications, and aspirations. The non-directive style of interview where the candidate is asked only one broad question such as 'tell me about yourself' is important to get as much information about the candidate as they are willing to reveal. The behavioral interview, which requires the candidates to use the STAR (situation, task, action, result) technique to answer questions, helps the company assess work behaviors by asking the candidates to discuss in detail how they have handled different situations in the past. During the interview, no matter the chosen technique, it is important for the questions to be focused on getting as much verbal and nonverbal detail about the candidates (Jankovic, 2014). Therefore, probing is essential to elicit these details.

Human resources and high performance

As argued by Iles (2007), human resources in any organization are the champions of high performance. The human resources of the organization help and serve customers, support the business of the company, and support and encourage each other towards improvement in company performance. The human resources in any organization must harness the full human potential of the organization and channel it towards high performance in the company. The mindset of the employees enables, empowers, and engages the business stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, financiers, etc. For the success of the company. They also create a direct connection between the company and these stakeholders thus enabling them to operate in the best way possible to achieve success in the business (Wilden, Gudergan, & Lings, 2010).

The management of any organization is important in ensuring the company has the necessary resources, including human resources, to reach its goals. When there is shortage in talent, the company looks to its recruitment and selection strategies to identify and choose new talent to help them achieve their goals. The management team thus needs to ensure the recruitment and selection provides them with the talent to meet the goals in their strategic plan (Sangeetha, 2010). Despite the route or method the company uses to attract and retain talent, the recruitment and selection practices must identify the best talent for the position in order to utilize and manage their human resources.

Innovation and recruitment and selection of talent

Diversity in companies is the key component of an innovative culture. Diversity has grown from the earlier concept of gender and race inclusiveness to focusing on talent management rather than the other factors. For a company that aims at being innovative in its products and services, there is need for the management to create a heterogeneous workforce that is able to create and refine product and services to make them innovative and create competitive advantage (Iles, 2007). Especially for companies that compete on a global scale, diversity and inclusion are of extreme importance. For these companies to achieve diversity, they need to recognize the importance of their hiring practices, specifically recruiting, selection, and retention, in ensuring diversity and inclusiveness (Percy, 2014).

Brundage and Koziel (2010) states that companies that are looking to recruit the top talent also need to have the best talent in order to attract them. It is somewhat a cycle where the company that has the best talent is able to attract the best while the company that does not have the best talent finds it difficult to attract the best. However, diversifying recruitment and selection practices to attract the best talent helps companies solve these problems. Strategies such as college or university graduate recruitment, and social media recruiting help the company attract and recruit the top talent.

Brundage and Koziel (2010) also points at the strong link between recruitment and selection strategies and the diversity of talent in the company or organization in turn the innovation capability of the company. Companies that use the best recruitment… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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