Redemptive Role of the Black Church Dissertation

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Project managers play an important role in the aviation/aerospace industry. They have traditionally held a place in almost every industry. However, as competition forces the aviation industry to tighten its financial reigns, it must find new ways to cur costs. At the present time, they are beginning to question the importance and role of the project manager a as a place to make potential salary cuts. This research explores the role of the project manager in the aviation industry and attitudes regarding their contributions.


Researcher's Work Setting and Role

Significance of the Problm

Tangible and Intangible Benefits of the Project Manager

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Project Management in the Aviation/Aerospace Industry


Statement of Hypotheses

Research Questions

Definition of Variables

Expected Outcomes


Research Model

Sample Population

Sources of Data

The Data Collection Device

Pilot Study

Instrument Pretest

Distribution Method

Instrument Reliability

Instrument Validity


Treatment of Data


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APPENDIX I: Survey Questionnaire

APENDIX II: Survey Results


TOPIC: Dissertation on Redemptive Role of the Black Church Assignment

The aviation industry is a highly specialized field that requires knowledge specific to the industry. Project managers are keys to the planning, organizing, and managing of resources to bring about success in achieving the specific goals and objectives of the project. Project managers are typically only responsible for the project through the duration of its completion. Once it has been determined that the project is complete and has met all of its desired goals, the role of the project manger is finished and operations then defer to the ongoing manager.

The role of the project manager is unique in that they will not be likely to see the ongoing results of their efforts. The project manager must be able to visualize the completed project and its final form once it enters the operational phase of the project. The project manager is distinguished from the operational manager, even though they must operate under similar constraints of project scope, time limits and budgetary constraints. Like the operational manager, they must strive to achieve maximum efficiency with the materials and resources that they are given. They key differences between the project manager and operational manager will be defined later in this research project.

The project manager has different skills from the operational manager. In the past, project management was accomplished though the use of Gantt charts and other tools. The person who would eventually be the operational manager was the person who would execute the various phases of the project. One can see advantages and disadvantages to this method.

From one perspective, the operational manager would be familiar with the vision and daily operation of the eventual completed project. They would have a clear image as to what the final vision looked like. There would be little chance for differences in vision between the project manager and the operational manager. However, there are several disadvantages too. For one, project management and operational management techniques are significantly different from one another. Managers often have strengths in one and a weakness in the other. They require two different mindsets and focus on different timeframes.

From this standpoint, it is logical that two different managers would be the best solution to the problem, one to build it and one to manage it once it is built. However, in the highly specialized field of aviation and aerospace management the wisdom of this philosophy is beginning to be challenged. The need for a project manager is being questioned. This research will explore the issue of whether a separate project manager and operational manager are necessary in the aviation/aerospace field.

Background of the Problem

Project management, as we know it today has been around since the 1950s. Henry Gantt is believed to be the father of modern PROJECT Management techniques. His use of bar charts and organizational tools were the precursors to modern project management (Bista, 2006). The methods developed by Gantt are the basis of today's modern project management techniques. Gantt's techniques allow the project manager to gauge the progress of the project and allows them to keep it on track. Projects range from simple to complex, requiring various levels of project management techniques. Now, project management requires the use of advanced tracking and decision-making systems to manage the most complex projects. Many projects in the aerospace industry fall into this category.

Project management has now developed into its own separate discipline with its own set of philosophy and rules. The project manager's role has developed slowly into what it is today. The project manager is a team leader who is part of the support team for a variety of aviation projects that range from facility development, land use studies, access studies, and a number of other projects and programs related to the aviation field. The project manager must often prepare presentations for the Board and other entities outlining the project, or the progress of the project (Port of Oakland, n.d.).

The aviation project manager must possess a wide multidisciplinary knowledge base and a number of skills to perform their job. The right person for the job must have advanced knowledge of the aviation industry, facility capacities, all applicable regulations, and a thorough understanding of key project objectives and goals (Port of Oakland, n.d.). They must have knowledge of engineering and construction principles, forecast methodologies, and knowledge of current industry standards and trends (Port of Oakland, n.d.). They must be able to provide supervisory principles and capital project financing. They must be able to exercise independent judgment, solve problems, and be able to review and edit the work of others (Port of Oakland, n.d.). The aviation project manager must fill many roles and be a participant in every phase of the project from planning to execution.

The project manager fulfills many roles during the planning and implementation phases of a project. They must have a wide knowledge base. Yet, there are some who argue that they are unnecessary in the aviation and aeronautics field and that their role could be eliminated through proper training of the operational manager. This research will explore the necessity of the project manager and any alternatives to the project manager that may become apparent throughout the course of the project.

Aviation project management is a specialized field and there are companies available that specialize in this field, such as Envelope APM, Inc. (2010). A number of consulting firms specialize in the provision of services for project management in the aviation field. These companies sell their services based on their expertise and ability to save the aviation industry much needed resources and capital.

Competition is tough in today's aviation industry and aviation companies must fight to control as many costs as possible. For this reason, they must examine every aspect of their operations in an attempt to eliminate costs. The elimination of operational and unnecessary costs is the key to maintaining profits in a highly competitive market place. One of the areas that must be closely examined for potential reductions is personnel. This is the key factor that inspired this research study. This research will examine whether the project manager in the aviation industry saves money and resources, therefore representing greater efficiency, or whether they represent an additional cost that represents little value.

Researcher's Work Setting and Role

The researcher for this study has completed a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on the aviation industry. The researcher will be the principle investigator and will apply the knowledge gained in the field through the undergraduate coursework to the research study.

Statement of the Problem

The aviation industry is one of the most highly competitive and represents a market where the ability to maintain profitability hinges on the ability to reduce operational costs. The purpose of the Aviation Project Manager is to apply their specialized expertise to a project in order to make it flow smoothly and to adhere to assigned project goals and objectives. In doing so, the project manager is expected to represent a cost savings through their efficiency and ability to avoid costly mistakes.

However, the efficiency of the aviation project manager is currently being debated a feeling is developing that the role of the project manager may need to be re-examined to determine if they represent the operational efficiency and cost-savings that they claim, or if they are a waste of salary and effort that could be better spent elsewhere. This research will examine the role of the aviation project manager and will explore current attitudes regarding whether the project manager represents a cost savings or expenditure in the aviation field.

Significance of the Problem

The timing of this study could not be more critical. At a time when the aviation industry faces extreme pressure to operate more efficiently and effectively, any research that examines methods for reducing costs will play an important role in the ability to realize profits in world of industry-wide shrinking profit margins.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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