Reexamining Ritual and Routine of My Cousins Putting Facials Essay

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¶ … daily routine of my female cousin putting on facials that I could easily study.

My cousin has a regular habit of applying a multitude of facials to her face both in the morning when she awakes, and at night before she goes to bed. She is sixteen, and a high-school student at a local public-school.

Her routine includes the following: masks, tonics, make up remover, eye cream, facial creams, and cleansers. She is messy with her ointments, spreads them all over, and often spends much time looking for one or the other. When she is tired, she sometimes omits some of the steps or forgets about the whole process altogether so I offered to create her a prototype that can help her remember and create a place which is organized.

My first thing was to observe her in action and to interview her. I wanted to assess both why she applies the ointments (and why so many) and how we can help her be better organized.

The observation

The observation occurred in the morning (Sunday, 9.00am). My cousin has been going back and forth between her bathroom and her bedroom. The stuff in the bathroom is mostly in the bathroom cabinet, on the sink, on the shelf near the bath, or on a cubby hanging above the bath. She first smears a cleanser on her face and then rigorously washes it off before applying toner, scrub, and moisturizer. She returns to the bedroom for her eye-cleaner. It is supposed to be, she tells me in her cosmetic bag, but when she looks for it, she finds the bag with ointments spilled out and tells me that it is too 'chunky' she has been unable o close it. Finally she found what she wanted -- not in the bag but under her bed, and she told me that she may have been too busy watching TV last night that she forgot to put it away. After leaving the room, she suddenly muttered and returned. She had forgotten to put on her sun lotion (although it was cold outside); couldn't remember where she had put it; she finally found it in her purse after ransacking every other conceivable el place (including underwear drawer and sweater heap).


I asked her as she was applying each ointment to describe to me why she was using it.

Cleanser: she told me that she really needed to use it only at night to remove makeup and 'scum' of day before, but she wanted to use it all the time to look super-good. When she has dry skin, she sometimes uses 'Pond's" (which is what the French use). She wished she had the Clarisonic Skincare Brush which, she said, 'everyone uses' and is so 'cool' and all the beauty stores have it. Average price? $200. (Whew!).


She used Lancome. "it's the in thing'.. Everyone's using it. it's great... "Suzy, in fact (one of the most popular girls) picked it up cheap form a jaunt in Mexico and gave them each a sample.

Toner: "It removes all that's left of oil, makeup and dirt." Some kids used it, not everyone. She wanted to do so.

Moisturizer: (RevaleSkin Coffeeberry Day Cream). "I hide it when I have guests. it's a secret; I don't; tell the rest of the girls. It costs a lot - $44. Really I got that cheap"

Eye-cream: why does she use lotion and eye-cram around her eyes and why does she apply eye-cram? "Oh. Because I don't want to get wrinkles." "You?! C'mon, you're young!" "We can get wrinkles at any age. Besides it's cool to wear it."

Sunscreen (La-Roche Posay): "Everyone says to use sunscreen. Come on, you know it's important because of what the sun does... And we don't want wrinkles" How does she choose one? She looks for one that has UV protection and contains meroxyl. What is that "Don't' know but isn't important; everyone uses it."

"Who's the everyone and where do you get your ideas from?" She got the ideas of it all from TV, fashion magazines, the talk… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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