Reflecting Christian Counseling and Spiritual Formation Term Paper

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What I have learned in this class is that techniques such as the twelve steps to spirituality and Multiple Counseling Techniques help people not only get closer to God, but to become a centered spiritual person through Christian counseling. I have learned the steps to spirituality are steps that lead the client down a path that helps them to better themselves and learn to trust themselves while trusting their loved ones. They also eventually learn to not feel alone and to learn that even when you go to others for help, in the end, you will always turn to God because He is the one who will always be there. Once this is learned, the client has realized that they must give themselves over to God to truly get through their crisis. When they have done this, they have achieved spirituality. Clients will know "we are committed to a new vision, a new hope, a new spirit, a new direction, and a new attitude" when they have given themselves to God.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Reflecting Christian Counseling and Spiritual Formation Assignment

During the twelve steps to spirituality, it is important to meet the client's needs because as a counselor it is affirmation of counseling. If the client feels the counselor is not connecting with them, they will not disclose any information that would allow them to be closer to the Lord. Furthermore, understanding and meeting the needs of the client are important because it helps the client understand that someone cares. The counselor needs to be sure to listen and ask question to be clear on exactly what the needs of the client are. In counseling, as a step to spirituality, the client must also understand that God will always meet their needs, whether they realize it or not, because in a time of crisis God will always be present even though a crisis to us is not one to Him. This is why so many people may be closed off to counseling, since they may feel that God is not listening. From that circumstance, it may be important to establish the client's needs, from the client's wants, and to help them realize the difference. As the old saying goes, you do not always get what you want but you always get what you need as it is seen from the following. "The Holy Ghost can bless your life in many ways. Christ promised His Apostles that the Holy Ghost would "teach you all things" (John 14:26) and "guide you into all truth" (John 16:13). He also said that the Holy Ghost "shall testify of me" (John 15:26). That is because God always gives us what we need. When clients understand the difference between what they want and what they need, it will be easier for them to understand that God is truly giving them all the necessities and bypassing extraneous things. Once it is realized that God is there and they are getting all they need, the client will feel closer to spirituality and have a better understanding of their relationship with God, which will help to let go of the troubles they were experiencing.

Along with that, sometimes clients feel a companionship with the counselor in order for them to open up more so that they can be closer to God. Human companionship is important in a time of crisis, and interacting with others during this time can help the client to realize the crisis will not last forever.

The next step toward spirituality is important because it involves promoting bible study, support groups, and pastoral counseling. Promoting bible study is important not only because it involves knowing the word of God but also because it involves interacting with others who are attempting to help the client. From a counselor's point-of-view, this is sociologically, psychologically, theologically, and spiritually for the client, which I feel is also a part of my own spiritual formation. Working with other Christians, I feel that it will help the client to understand that being a Christian does not exempt anyone from crisis and that others understand what their going through. Promoting support groups help the client get support and help through their crisis. The client can look for advice and feel less alone with people who are going through issues similar to their own. Through this class, I see that promoting pastoral counseling is important because the pastor can help the client truly understand God and how He can help them through their crisis. A pastor who is the head of the church would also be seen as a leader and the figure of authority should help the client to feel that someone is capable of leading them in the right direction.

After seeing different Multidiscipline Counseling Techniques, I see how they can be incorporated into counseling techniques used in religion. These different techniques, coupled with techniques that would normally be used in religious counseling could foster more growth and development in an individual. I realize that sometimes using different techniques and approaches can be beneficial in counseling and it is good to explore different techniques. Using these techniques for my own spiritual growth, it has become a part of my spiritual formation.

People are spiritual beings that have religion as their foundation to become complete on a higher level. From the evidence above it is clear that having a religion has become more of a spiritual experience in order for a person to become closer to their God and have a better understanding of themselves. For some people, beating on drums and meditation is a spiritual way to experience their religion on a higher level, which releases a different understanding.

In order for a person to maintain their religion on a spiritual level, it is common for religions to use meditation as a tool, which helps people to reach a higher level with their God (Nouwen,2010.) With that in mind, experiencing religion is truly a spiritual experience. From there, it is apparent that religion and spirituality also affects subcultures because they are influences in music and dance. Spirituality may also help people to come together in spirituality

In recent years, religion has become very spiritual for most individuals since it has a diverse selection in beliefs, which is something subcultures bring in music and style. In today's modern society, most people take their beliefs to a higher level to understand their God and themselves on a spiritual plane, which makes them open to new ideas of music and dance. From there, religion is not just about finding an understanding of God, it is also about finding one's spirituality, which helps someone to accept and have knowledge of themselves and places them in the right spirituality with God (Sue and Sue,. 2008). By being centered in my own religion, I can have great Emotional Intelligence with clients which helps me to help them more. With helping clients, I understand how others may see the world, and that helps my spiritual formation to be complete with the Lord.

In the video Couples Counseling, it showed communication and how it could improve their relationships. The video focused on three steps which were: being patient with each other, using humor and laughter to connect, and giving your partner the benefit of the doubt with a "Moment of Grace." By using and learning these techniques, it has contributed to my spiritual formation to understand God, loved ones and myself better. Communication is the key to any relationship even a spiritual one with God. The steps help couples to communicate because patience fosters understanding. As it was stated above, within the relationship with God has to have patience because sometimes you do not always get what you want from Him but He will always give you what you need. This is something I have learned through my… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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