Reflection on Teamwork in Nursing Essay

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NU Core Values: Definition and Examples

Neumann University’s core values are \"Reverence, Integrity, Service, Excellence, and Stewardship\" (Neumann University, 2017). These values are founded on Biblical Teachings and Christian and Jewish Scriptures. Reverence is indicative of the university\'s commitment to not only honor, but also celebrate each individual\'s dignity and worth (Neumann University, 2017). The university understands that all creation is worthy and good because it originates from the Creator and is good. This value was clear in the group setting as each member sought to relate well with the other and offer supportive help even outside of our group deliberations. Moreover, the team comprised people from diverse cultural, racial, and even ethnic backgrounds.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Integrity indicates accepting responsibility for actions and decisions as well as seeking to be fair, loving, and ethical (Neumann University, 2017). This core value was embraced by all group members during formation of ground rules for discussions including submitting original work and ensuring that engagements are founded on originality and/or with proper attribution to its originator. Service embraces love and compassion and proclaims humility by being “attentive to the needs of all, especially the least among us” (Neumann University, 2017). This was also evident in our group engagements since members fully understood that the group’s output was for the greater service of humanity. Group members engaged in thoughtful and deliberate interactions and supported each other.

Essay on Reflection on Teamwork in Nursing Assignment

The University\'s Excellence value proclaims its commitment to be the best at what it does and includes promoting cooperation rather than competition. No single group member sought individual credit for the output of the entire team as everything was attributed to the entire team while focus on excellent and quality work was maintained. With regards to stewardship, the university states, \"we receive gratefully, use carefully, and share generously the resources available to us\" (Neumann University, 2017). This sense of responsibility drove our team as we fully internalized the decisions we made either individually or collectively for the common good of all and/or for the local and global communities. We also managed our resources effectively such as time, which we managed through proper planning and scheduling.

Core Values: Importance to Teamwork

To further enhance teamwork, I am convinced that I should personally develop Excellence and Integrity. I should fully appreciate that God has endowed me with the skills, abilities, and capabilities to be able to serve in the profession I elected to pursue. I intend to work harder in my academic work and grasp all the relevant concepts since this is vital during practice. With respect to excellence, I will seek to promote cooperation as opposed to competition. We learn more through group interactions - especially given that each person has the ability to grasp certain concepts better than the other, effectively meaning that we can all learn from each other. In some cases, I have found myself interjecting during discussions to demonstrate my better grasp of issues. I intend to deviate from this behavior in order to share my knowledge with others and further enhancing my understanding of the same rather than show how well I have understood something. In relation to Integrity, the relevance to act fairly and in a just manner, and respect other people\'s contribution cannot also be overstated. I intend to cultivate ethical behavior as a person and promote the same in group settings by avoiding academic dishonesty. The Integrity core value of Neumann University promotes fair, ethical, and honest actions at all times (Neumann, 2017). In that regard, I will seek to not only encourage my peers to put in personal effort in all engagements but also engage in academic honesty by properly citing sources, and embracing the applicable referencing standards.


Neumann University. (2017). Core Values of Neumann University. Retrieved from [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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