Term Paper: Regarding Donatello's David, Julie Mentions

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Regarding Donatello's DAVID, Julie mentions that this magnificent

sculpture "looks like a dandy or a cavalier" and expresses romantic traits,

along with much power and force. According to Horst de la Croix,

Donatello's DAVID, a bronze representation of the biblical David who slew

Goliath, is based upon "a new realism via the study of man and nature,

classical forms and the power of individual expression," all being

characteristic of the Early Renaissance period, circa 1430 when Donatello

created his DAVID. Thus, Donatello "defined and took as his province the

whole terrain of naturalistic and humanistic art," two very important and

necessary traits for true artistic expression during the Early Renaissance

period (de la Croix, 435).

Regarding Michelangelo's superb marble sculpture of DAVID which

exemplifies the highest artistic achievement of the High Renaissance

period, circa 1501, Julie points out that this sculpture stands as the

idealized "classical Greek style" and expresses much heroism, due to its

contraposto styling and the emotional power of David's face. Overall,

Michelangelo's DAVID reflects the greatest ideals of the High Renaissance,

being "a profound understanding of humanity… [END OF PREVIEW]

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