Regional Differences in American Research Paper

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" (Frost 10) This is illustrating how everyone will have choices and a sense of personal freedom. These ideas are reflecting the Northern society that Frost came from (with these views impacting how he sees the world). This is when these kinds of regional influences (i.e. personal responsibility and a classless society) became a major factor that is emphasized throughout the poem. Once this happens, is when these ideas will begin to affect the reader (by giving them a greater understanding of the author's views / social influences). (Frost)

North vs. South

The two different works of literature are showing how there are regional influences in American Literature. In a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, this used to highlight the way Southern society is often hypocritical and will lie to themselves about the truth. To illustrate these views, Williams is demonstrating how this is occurring inside a family (which is reflection of these social values). It is at this point that the reader can relate to Southern society and the challenges they are facing (by studying these regional influences). (Tischler 72 -- 98)

In the case of The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost is discussing personal choices and a classless society. These ideas were commonly embraced throughout the Northern United States. The fact that he is using metaphors to talk about these issues is a sign of the social influences upon his life (which is reflected in his writing). This helps to give the reader a greater sense of understanding the different ideas and what is most important inside specific regions. (Miller 103 -- 112)Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Regional Differences in American Assignment

Evidence of this can be seen with observations from Moss (1992). She found that there were varying styles of writing based upon regional difference. As Southern writers were often less concerned about the accuracy of their descriptions of events, people and places that were discussed. While, Northern writers' depicted images of: a classless society and someone taking responsibility for their own actions to improve their lives. These differences in viewpoints are highlighting how most Northern writers were from large cities (with industrialization occurring). This is where they were exposed to more liberal ideas. While Southern authors, were limited in their experiences to agrarian society (which made them take a more conservative and often taking a delusional tone). In both works these ideas are apparent, with The Road Not Taken discussing these values through different metaphors and similes. Whereas, a Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is showing how dysfunctional Southern society can be through the writings. These elements are illustrating the differences in American literature from one part of the country to the next. (Moss 21 -- 24)


Clearly, regional influences had a major impact upon American literature. This is because each area had specific cultural attributes and ideas that are embraced. Different authors will use these ideas, to help readers with understanding the challenges that various individuals will go through (during the course of their lives). In the play A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, it is discussing how social views are influencing the way that a family is dealing with issues such as cancer. In this case, everyone is avoiding the truth by not talking about the condition. Instead, there is an emphasis on lying to each other about what is happening. This is reflection of social values where, many in Southern society will often fool themselves into having false beliefs. These ideas are reflected in the writing of Williams with him showing this as the theme of the play.

While the poem The Road Not Taken, is talking about the choices that everyone will have in their lives. This is illustrating the ideas of self-determination (which is a reflection of Northern values). These different elements are showing, how society's values will have an impact upon the author. In this case, Frost is reflecting the ideas of a classless society and taking personal responsibility. As a result, both works are illustrating these beliefs by: showing how they are reflection of these views and the authors' opinions of them.

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