Regulated Militia, Being Necessary Term Paper

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Regardless of his assumptions he takes on a scholarly tone which reads as if he has a great deal of knowledge on the subject. One feels that his didactic tone is appropriate and educational.

The second article is a transcript from an address made by John Ashcroft to a Senate Judiciary Committee concerning the second amendment and the responsibility of the people to own firearms. Ashcroft makes a compelling argument that the framers of the constitution knew exactly what they were doing when developing the second amendment. He points out that a populace that is armed is a populace that will have the right to free speech and democracy. He identifies reasons for historical gun ownership including fear of the government and great distances between settlements and law enforcement. And lastly, Ashcroft identifies a number of reasons that one should own a gun in today's society. Among these he lists empowerment and responsibility. In his speech, Ashcroft said, "anyone who has fired a gun knows the awesome feeling of responsibility and empowerment that comes with it." He continues, stating, "gun ownership also fills an individual with a sense of responsibility and of the need to ensure public safety through the proper use of firearms."

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The Ashcroft article is not as concise as the first article. Ashcroft has a great deal on his mind concerning gun ownership and the result is that some elements of his argument become muddled. He lists great distances and fear of tyranny as reasons for gun ownership. The distances he talks of don't exist anymore and modern tyrannical governments tend to have trained soldiers that could easily defeat armed citizens (1). It is not until he begins to talk of personal responsibility that his argument becomes fluid. His belief that one should have the ability to protect family and to understand the complex responsibilities of gun ownership are intelligent and enlightened.

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One thing that both Ashcroft and Claus agree on is that gun ownership is a right which is rife with responsibility. To own a gun is to be responsible for the weapon and one's own actions with said weapon. Gun control is not about to go away. Indeed, it will come back with a vengeance next time there is a massacre or a school shooting. It is important to filter these incidents through reality. Those who are involved in this type of action are not responsible gun owners. In many cases they are not even legal gun owners. To keep guns out of the hands of criminals, those who own firearms must be responsible for them. They must also be responsible for educating family and friends about both the advantages and dangers involved in gun ownership. Handling a loaded firearm is a tremendous responsibility. If the public wishes to continue to have this right, responsibility is paramount. It is those who are not responsible gun owners who threaten the second amendment the most.

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