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[. . .] In a diverse working group, problems such as racism can become a problem for the management and the rest of the staff, making the working atmosphere uncomfortable. This kind of problem can also result in lower output of the organization, which means that it is the job of the management to solve the problem quickly. In order to do this, the management at Capstone implements frameworks that could resolve such problems. But what is better than solving the problem after it arises is to already have these frames setup so that the employees knows what is expected of them before they joint the organization. An example of this is the structural framework [Capstone Introduces Mutual Fund, 2002].

The structural frame exists in order to achieve its goals through a social context, and this is because of the fact that the goal attainment relies on all members of staff and not just the management alone. Six basic points that are implemented in the structural frame are as follows:

Organizations exist to achieve established goals and objectives.

Organizations work best when rationality prevails over personal preferences and external pressures.

Structures must be designed to fit organizational circumstances.

Organizations increase efficiency and enhance performance through specialization and division of labor.

Appropriate forms of coordination and control are essential to ensuring that individuals and units work together in the service of organizational goals.

Problems and performance gaps arise from structural deficiencies and can be remedied through restructuring (Bolman & Deal, 1997).

It is these points that make it easier for one to understand how the management maintains its control on discrimination through organizational expectations.

Through the productivity seen it appears that the employees have been controlled well. There doesn't appear to be any problems so far, and this reflects good management in the organization.

It is through good management that the organization also has great potential to prosper outside the country. With a product that can cut energy spending significantly there is no reason why the product will not be popular in any other country too.

Key processes and change management

Part of managing an organization depends on the types of employee benefits plans employers can provide their employees with. In this way, turnover is prevented and productivity can be enhanced. This results in stability of the organization and economic stability for the employees. On the part of the employees it may also be seen that the employees realize their values and tend to put in greater effort that is good for their reputation and the economic returns as well.

Employee benefits plans that can be offered to all employees are plans that have many advantages for both the individual employee and the organization as well. These kinds of plans are ones that are looked after by the human resource department at Capstone. They have duties towards the organization as well as towards employees. Their role is to look after employees in such a way that they are not treated unfairly. This prevents employees from leaving the organization.

Their additional role of designing, implementing and maintaining benefits plans make employees secure. This also means that the organization stands to gain from such stability, as the plan works as an investment that holds onto most of the employees.

Today, human resource programs have become complex, which underscores the need for each area in this field to be further focused on. This ensures prevention so that these areas will not deteriorate and lead to employees suffering. Capstone being aware of this has apparently overcome it, and this is reflected in the profits they have had.

As organizations expand it is understood that they tend to face problems in efficiency. These problems need to be handled carefully in a logical manner so that smooth running of the organization can be restored to the way it was when it was located in its originating country.

Problems in efficiency may emerge due to the lack of communication or the lack of skills with newer personnel employed in the firm. This is because they are not aware of exactly what the cultural atmosphere was at the original location of the firm. Since they have been newly employed they are bound to face problems such as these. It is therefore required that they be trained by concerned individuals within the organization, and these should be people who are aware of what the culture of the organization is.

Essentially the managers in human resource are the ones who are suited to this task. They are the ones who are capable of training and preparing individuals in an organization to be prepared for barriers in their day-to-day organizational procedures.

Managers are in charge of ensuring the smooth running of an organization, and so, for this they have to do their utmost to ensure it. Most people might have the impression that being in the position of a manager might mean that it is a kind of position that demands dictatorship. But professionally speaking there is a way of obtaining maximum output, and this has been seen at Capstone.

One approach to achieving better out put at Capstone is through retaining the same staff on hand and thereby holding the presenting customers. Older and experienced employees have been more likely to satisfy and retain regular customers, resulting in references being built. This is something that only comes when employees have been with an organization long enough to gain experience and build relationships with customers.

As references keep building up proportionally to time Capstone also gains monetarily. In contrast to this, if employees do not stay (if turnover is high) than satisfying customers will be much more difficult. This means that the organization loses in two ways.

The first loss for the organization is that they lose many of the present customers, and in this way the company loses its present business. The second loss that they suffer is the potential loss. This is because whatever references that the present customers can give is all lost because of the fact that the organization has not been able to hold on to the present customers.

The present customers serve as links to future business, but the main problem is that these customers are lost simply because of the employees being dissatisfied with the management, hence the management is to blame for the loss in business and not the employees (Winning Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Quality Employees, 2002).

Managing businesses today is a sensitive process that defines whether or not a business will be successful. Management today is a science that requires the best of skills that one should be equipped with to survive in places like the international market or as top producers in a single country.

Competition is quite tough these days since there are many who are aware of all the tricks in managing business. With certain businesses emerging as the leaders in the market they also have to prove themselves and remain there. Becoming number one is easier than remaining number one. This is because of the fact that there will be other business that will mimic similar strategies in order to reach where any other has.

In order for managers to get rid of this blame at Capstone they are the ones who have to ensure the success of the organization through their employees. Since there are no two ways about the way that employees have to be treated to ensure success there has to be a means to curtail the way that the employees are being treated presently and satisfy their needs.

It is the job of the managers to understand an employee when there is a problem or if there is any request. This means that the managers should respect human resource and consider that employees are not machines that have to work incessantly without a break. This is the reason why organizations have to establish a human resource department. This is a way of the managers being reminded that there are certain limits to the way that they behave or control their subordinates. A human resource department also tells the employees about what rights they have and what is within their reach and what isn't according to the labor laws (Gold, 1989).

Establishing or paying more attention to a human resource department in Capstone increases the professionalism practiced in the company. This will ensure that all members of the organization will be forced to act according to their job descriptions. Managers should be directly responsible for the employee turnover provided that in the eyes of the human resource department the employees are being well paid.

With asserting that the employees are being justly paid, there should be no other reason that employee turnover increasing. If the employees are satisfied with the monetary return they are getting from their efforts it is the working atmosphere that counts next. There should be cordial… [END OF PREVIEW]

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