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Relationship of Internship to Course Material

As discussed above, the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab acts a meeting platform for the French and Arab traders. The main aim of this organization is to promote trade association and relationship between French and Arab traders in a number of business sectors including service industries, manufacturing industries and agriculture.

This chamber holds business conferences, seminars and workshops that are headed by key speakers. In addition to that, it also develops policy papers and analyzes business environment in various areas. Apart from that, the chamber also performs a number of activities that are related to various areas of business in Arab and France.

I joined the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab as an intern in the Communication and Research department. I hold a degree of Masters of Art in Global Communication-Visual Track. My responsibility as an intern required me to work for 33 hours per week.

The total duration for this internship was 8 weeks and it awarded me with 8 credits. The role as an intern required me to apply the knowledge of visual theory that I acquired during the course of my degree. The Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab provided me with a relevant platform in which I can put my academic knowledge into practice.

My job at Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab majorly revolved around research and analysis. The major part of responsibility was to do a lot of internet-based research. I was also required to synthesize and analyze the collected data.

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Apart from that, I had to do comparative analysis of the taxation system of various countries of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Moreover, I have to correspond with the potential clients through faxes, emails and telephone calls etcetera. Furthermore, video editing and the audit of the culture of Gulf Cooperation Council were also included in my job requirements.

My thoughts about the Organization

The Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab was established in the year 1970. This organization plays an important role in developing a link between its members and the United States of America as well as the World Trade Organization.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Relationship of Internship to Course Assignment

In addition to that, it also helps its members in developing strong connection with the important ministers in affiliated countries. Moreover, this organization is also an initiative to enhance the productivity of the modern business world.

I felt that the industry in which the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab operates is not for the young people. This is because most of the clients, with whom I negotiated, were older in age. Here again I had to use the skills acquired in my academic life, through the knowledge of various communication theories, to ensure that the age gap between me and my clients did not hinder successful negotiations between us.

The knowledge acquired through various communication theories also helped me in being efficient and presentable in front of my supervisors. As an intern, most of the work that I performed had to be presented to my supervisors or the clients with whom I negotiated. The knowledge from academic life enabled me to extract correct information form the internet-based results and it also helped me in dealing with my clients and my supervisors.

Activities Performed

The internship at Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab required me to perform a number of activities, some of these are listed below:

Meeting with the team leader in relation to the work assignments that were related to the preparation for the exposition in the CNIT in la Defense

Understanding the concept of the chamber de commerce Franco Arab.

Research on the rules and regulation of each country for foreign investments and/or business, while keeping in mind that the world economy is in a declining mode and foreign investors and organizations are looking for overseas investments especially in the gulf.

Working with my team, which consisted of me, another intern, one IT representative and one representative from the Chamber of Commerce Franco-Arab, on a project.

This project would enable the company to create a brochure or have detailed and appropriate information available on the website in relation to the 6 countries in the gulf, which are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and the United Arab. The information provided may become obsolete in a rapid manner as the rules and regulations of these countries are always changing.

Performing internet-based research in relation to the gulf countries responsible for foreign investment, usually in Arabic or English. In addition to that, I was also required to perform research on the rules and regulation and understanding taxation in the gulf countries.

I was required to take photos of that give a promising and positive view of the gulf. In addition to that, these photos also highlighted the bright and attractive development opportunities that are associated with doing business in the Gulf countries.

Then With the help of I-movie, I developed a mini collage video that highlighted the ongoing growth in the gulf countries associated with cultural spots. I believe that the organization would use this video next year

On the Exposition day, I acted as one of the representatives to the Franco Arab ICC, hoping to give more information about the gulf since that's my specialty. I observed that, many French companies and French entrepreneurs had a vague understanding about the gulf. These companies and entrepreneurs, however, had appropriate knowledge about United Arab Emirates, specifically about the regions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

I also had to perform ongoing research on lingerie shops in Saudi by looking at the existing market. This activity required me to perform extensive market research.

Meeting with the clients who are interested in opening a lingerie shop in Saudi Arabia, however they were targeting the royal. This I believed was an idea that contained or restricted their products to only the rich and wealthy. The expectation that by limiting your target market to a single class would make your business successful was not enough in my opinion.

My group and I gave a small power point presentation that explained the Saudi lingerie market and how targeting the royals may not always work; knowing that there are upper class families that exist and also require and demand the best quality lingerie.

Doing internet-based research in order to gather relevant and appropriate information in relation to the rest of the Middle Eastern countries such as Tunisia and Algeria morocco. I also conducted research on the rules and regulations of other middle eastern countries such as, Somalia, Libya and the Comoros

Looking at the different Salon in the 22 countries of the Gulf and see the different events these saloons hold in different cities of these countries. For this purpose I had to perform extensive internet-based research. Mostly I noticed that the main events were held in the capital cities of each of the 22 countries.

So basically, in this regard, my responsibility was to gather basic information about the dates and location of the events that were held by various saloons. In addition to that I had to determine or identify the names of the organizers of Salons Foires. After the collection of appropriate information I had to post this information on the company website. The events posted on the website extended from those that were to be held on November 2013 to those that were to be held on April 2014.

The Nature of My Responsibilities

My main responsibilities circulated around gathering information, then organizing that information in a way which benefits the organization as most of the countries updated and changed their regulations yearly, therefore extensive and timely research was required to gather appropriate.

As I looked at the foreign investment laws and regulations of each of the member countries, I had to make sure that the gathered information addressed the following three points:

What are the existing legislations for foreigners if they existed?

What are the rules of investment in each country?

What are the process they must undergo in order to make investments?

The countries, that I researched and gathered information about, included various middle eastern countries that are in Africa such as Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Comoros, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan. In addition to that, I also gathered information about a number of countries in Asia such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

A lot of research was done from my part as I was expected to answer difficult questions about regulation. In addition to that, I also had to address the information needs of the clients in relation to the cultural facts. This is because the French clients, with whom I negotiated and worked, had very little or no knowledge about certain Gulf countries.

My responsibilities also included posting information on the company's website on certain events that were to be held in the 22 countries that the organization is in relation with. For this purpose again I had to perform extensive research to find out the date of occurrence and organizer information of a number of events.

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