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Terrorism has become the bane of our time and terrorists have undermined the confidence and the security of people all over the world. Particularly, the aftermath of September 11 has created a constant fear among people world over. With the sprouting of so many terrorist organizations and the brutal methods of attack employed by them, it is imperative that we understand the psychology of the terrorists to be one step ahead of them in preventing their destructive ideas from fruition. However, psychologists and researchers have admitted that there is no unique terrorist mindset as terrorists come from diverse socio economic and cultural backgrounds. A common consensus among psychologists is that profiling a terrorist based on particular traits and psychological attributes is largely impossible or at best skeptical. A brief overview of the profiles of some terrorist organizations and some of their key members would help us have an understanding of the sociology and the psychology of the terrorist.

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Term Paper on Relationship Between Terrorism Organized Crime and General Crime Assignment

The Hamas was established in December 1987 (during the Palestinian uprising movement) by Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and members of the Jama'at al-Ikhwan al-Muslimin. This radical Islamic resistance movement has created terror by its brutal attacks against the Israeli forces as well as civilian targets. Since its establishment, the Hamas has resisted the initiatives of the politically moderate PLO and has disrupted its peaceful efforts with the Israeli government. This hardlined terror outfit is well-known for conducting suicide missions against Israeli army and even against innocent civilians as is clear from the 1994 bus bombings in Tel Aviv. However, the Hamas maintains that its terror attacks are only retaliatory measures against Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians. Unlike other terror outfits, Hamas is not just involved in terror activities but also supports several civilian welfare projects for Palestinian refugees. In 1996 alone, the Hamas spent an estimated 70$ million for education, healthcare and other socially beneficial activities for the refugees in west bank and Gaza strip. [Rex a. Hudson]


Hizballah is an Islamic extremist political religious movement in Lebanon. The Hizballah was formed in 1982 when more than 2000 Iranian revolutionary guards went to Lebanon to join the revolt against the Israelis. In the years that followed, the Hizballah grew into a large organization by inducting young members of the Shia community into its fold. Hizballah considers western countries to be a representation of evil and western practices as against the doctrines of Islam. As per the organization's manifesto, the United States is "the great Satan" and Israel the local ally of the U.S. Chief among the mottos of Hizballah include destruction of Israel and establishment of Shia rule in Lebanon, Jerusalem and Palestine. With suicide bombers and thousands of radical young people in its cadre, the Hizballah represents a dangerous extremist movement in the region.

Al Quaida

Among the terrorist organizations, the Al Quaida stands out for its bold, daring and successful execution of large-scale attacks against the western world. The Al Quaida is an umbrella organization for a number of Islamic religious extremist outfits. Formed in 1998 by the Saudi Arabian born billionaire Usama bin laden, the Al quaida serves as the financial hub and plan base for a network of terrorist operations worldwide. The September 11 devastation of the twin towers is one of the successful execution of the Al Quaida plots against the Western world and the U.S. In particular. [Rex a. Hudson]


Formed by Velupillai Prabhakaran in 1976, the LTTE stands out as a formidable and well-organized terror organization in the world. With its demand for a separate Tamil land in Sri Lanka, the LTTE has continued its fighting against the Sri Lankan military for more than 3 decades. Known for its military strength and meticulous suicide missions, the LTTE has proved to be a tough nut to crack for the Sri Lankan army. One staggering fact about the LTTE is that it inducts, trains and uses children for military operations. The group has been charged with "kidnapping for forcible recruitment" and it is believed that the LTTE has more than 18000 in its cadre. The use of cyanide capsule to commit suicide in the event of capture is a trademark of the LTTE. [Rex a. Hudson]

Hizb ul-Mujahideen

This is one of the largest terrorist outfits operating in Kashmir. Since the early nineties, the HM has been the dominating terrorist organization in Kashmir. The organization is supported by the Pakistani political party Jamaat-i-Islami, and has the motto of liberating Kashmir and annexing it with Pakistan. It is reported that more than 60% of the terrorist attacks in Kashmir are directed and carried out by the Hizb ul-Mujahideen. The HM also collaborates with Lashkar-e-Toiba in carrying out its operations against the Indian army and against other local insurgent groups. [Rex a. Hudson]

Terrorists Profile

Usama Bin Laden

Known to the western world as Osama bin laden, this billionaire from Saudi Arabia represents the single most deadly threat to the western world. His organization, the Al Quaida, unites Islamic terrorists from different regions and sponsors their well planned out terror attacks. It is reported that before becoming a hardliner, Bin laden led a normal life and was known to frequent nightclubs and bars. A sudden transformation seems to have occurred in 1973 when his family was involved in construction of mosques in Mecca and Medina. This religious passion was further ignited when the soviets attacked Afghanistan in 1979. In the following years he organized the Islamic Salvation Front and the Mujahideen Services Bureau. Presenting a peaceful countenance and known to be soft mannered and shy person, it is utterly shocking that he could be the leader of a world-renowned terror organization. [Rex a. Hudson]

Velupillai Prabhakaran

Velupillai Prabhakaran is the chief and the founder of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. He gave up schooling very early to join the rebel forces that were in operation in Jafna. His ultimate motto is the formation of a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka. He is a disciplined leader and established the code of "no drinking', 'no smoking' and 'no sex' for all the cadre members. The main hand behind the assassination of 'Rajiv Gandhi', the former prime minister of India, Prabhakaran has also organized many assassinations in Sri Lanka. Known as a military genius, he has achieved numerous exploits against the Sri Lankan national army by his meticulous strategic planning. [Rex a. Hudson]

Shoko Asahara

Known by his real name as Chizuo Matsumoto, this psychopathic cult leader had a big following in Japan and Russia. In 1995, Shoko Asahara and his cult Aum Shinrikyo were accused of mass murder in Tokyo killing many people by organizing sarin gas leak in one of the city's busy subways. Asahara prophesized the end of the world in 2000 by nuclear warfare. He successfully brain washed his cult members and forced them to hand over all their assets to him. Many of his followers were elite members of the society representing different scientific domains. [Rex a. Hudson]

Mullah Mohammed Omar

Mullah Omar was the chief of the taliban militant group in Afghanistan and was the head of state during the Taliban regime (1996 to 2001). Like Osama bin laden, Mullah Omar was also motivated into radical rebellion because of the soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He fought as a guerrilla alongside the Harakat-iinquilab-I islami in their fight against the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. He organized the Taliban after the Russian forces left Afghanistan and the collapse of the afghan government left a political void in Afghanistan. During his regime, he passed strict rules. Music and cinema were banned, men were ordered to grow long beard and women were prevented from attending schools or having any official posts. Presently he is at large and on the U.S. government's most wanted list of terrorists. [BBC]


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