Relevance of Information for 21st Century Schools Research Paper

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Special Education


Special education article review

Shah, Nirvi. (2011). Breakthroughs in diagnosing, one day preventing autism. Education Week.

Retrieved October 17, 2011 at

Bloom's Taxonomy of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor domains

Autism diagnoses are on the rise, although the extent to which this is due to improved diagnosis or an actual upward spiral in the development of the disease remains uncertain. However, one aspect of the developmental disorder is agreed upon -- the need for early detection of autism to improve treatment. This article details the finding of a recent study in Current Directions in Psychological Science. Researchers found additional early symptoms that can flag a young child as a possible sufferer of autism.

Children with autistic tendencies have difficulty paying attention to a toy and another person. An absence of joint attention behaviors means that children may have difficulty mimicking others, which can lead to impaired social skills later on in his or her academic career. These new findings also suggest possible ways to remedy some of the symptoms that may give rise to autistic behavior. When adults encourage the child to mimic others and adults mimic the child's own behaviors, the child can become more capable of socially engaged play, researchers theorized. Parents and teachers alike must both 'teach' the child that social imitation is a great, positive thing.

Imitation can take place in the ways that parents and children replicate physical and social behaviors. If the child performs these tasks, over time, the cognitive mechanisms that enable social reciprocity can be stimulated and 'learned.' The article also advocates vigilance on the part of pediatricians in engaging in early detection of autism, and also notes the existence of dual diagnoses of autism and other developmental disorders such as Downs Syndrome.

Relevance of information for 21st century schools

Education in 21st century American schools is growing increasingly standardized. No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires standardized testing of all students, and teachers are often pressured to 'teach to the test' to ensure enough students pass. However, students on the… [END OF PREVIEW]

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