Religion and Animal Rights Term Paper

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Rogerian Argument Animal Testing: Collaboration and Compromise

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The purpose of this paper is to help people understand how important it is to recognize animal rights, and what can be done to minimize the impact of testing on animals so their safety is always a top priority among researchers. Many people with religious ideals often use animals in ways animal rights activists may consider cruel. This paper will help those with different opinions on this subject understand the other's side to reduce conflict.


Many opponents of animal testing proclaim testing is wrong morally and ethically, especially pertaining to specific Christian or other religious idealisms. Regan (1938) argues the use of animals for science, "sport," and hunting without cause or for use by researchers to test vanity products is morally and ethically wrong. From a moral perspective, when one uses animals for such purposes they disregard the rights of animals as eloquently presented by Regan. These practices

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Opponents argue that moral reasoning is not necessarily enough to justify one's opinion. In essence, this means one cannot suggest the use of animals for testing and other ventures is wrong based strictly on moral principle. Critics supporting the use of animals suggest the minority prefers animals not be used for experiments or to test vanity products. Those against the use of animal rights also argue the use of animals can only be justified if there is truth evident in the presenter's arguments about why animals should not be used.

Term Paper on Religion and Animal Rights Assignment

It is important however, to recognize that truth does exist in the argument against the use of animals. For example, critics suggest the use of animals is ok because animals do not have feeling. However, there is ample evidence, especially among primate species like gorillas and monkeys, that animals do demonstrate feeling, emotion and behaviors similar to those of humans. Just because one doesn't understand the language of animals doesn't mean the animals' rights are not being violated. Taking a baby orangutan from his or her mother to conduct experiments that may result in rashes, discomfort or death may result in aggressive behavior on the part of the mother orangutan, suggesting a moral and ethical violation of trust has occurred, something that has been proven true, at least for certain species.

Early experiments on mice suggest even animals with small brains like mice can learn and become conditioned to react to certain stimuli. Think of Pavlov's extensive experiments on dogs, and how he could manipulate dogs to salivate at the ring of a bell. All of this suggests there is truth in the argument that animal testing is wrong because it violates the rights of a species that is intelligent, even if that intelligence is different than the intelligence mankind has among its own species.

When considering the subject of animal rights, proponents of the use of animals for science, vanity or sport must ask if the injustice occurring in animals is "absolute" according to Regan. That means it must be absolutely true of each condition considered. Thus, if one were to state that it is morally wrong meaning it is always wrong to use orangutans for scientific experiments using chemicals, then the critics of such cases would have a strong argument supporting their position. While there is evidence that some chemical toxins or other tests may harm the animals tested, there is not necessarily absolute truth in this argument. Some animals for example, may endure testing for vanity products. The animal may… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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