Religion Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham? Essay

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Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham?

Although religious scholars have come to no definitive conclusion as to whether Abraham is the "father" of the three predominant religions practiced in the world today, there are those that posit because of the time in which Abraham lived, and the fact that the three major faiths, Judaism, Christianity and Islam came after, that because he is the physical ancestor of the religions he has been credited with that title. Nevertheless, despite the scholarly debate both Christianity and Islam, respectively have differences and yet some commonalities in tradition, practice and belief.


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Islam and Christianity, although different religions, do have some commonalities as articulated in the scholarly and faith-based literature. Christianity, as does Islam, tracing their roots back to Abraham, considered by many to be the father of the three major religions (Lowenthal 24). In Islam, Ishmael is considered the first son of Abraham and the second son is Isaac. Both Islam and Christianity are monotheistic religions prophesying a belief in a one true God (Games & Coren 144). Moreover, both faiths extol belief in God's prophets or messengers of the word of God, as well as revelation, scripture, the importance and centrality of the religious community and the resurrection of the dead. The issue of community is particularly important as both Islam and Christianity have a dimension of communitarianism: what the church is to the believers in Christianity, the 'umma' is to Islam. For Christians and Muslims alike, there is a great level of accountability to the community (Goddard 1). It goes without saying that both Islam and Christianity are world religions. In addition, both faiths believe in submission to the God. The definition of Muslim is one who submits to God'. There is also the belief by Christians and Muslims that God is a just, jealous, merciful and forgiving God.


Essay on Religion Christianity and Islam: Religions of Abraham? Assignment

For both Christianity and Islam, prayer is a central tenant of the faith. In doing so, both Islam and Christianity facilitate the communication of man with their God through the practice of prayer (Lowenthal 69). Although the regiment of prayer and the positions of prayer may be executed in a different manner, both faiths posit that believers are to come before God in humbleness and humility and through the course of prayer clarity with regard to one's purpose in life can be achieved (Goddard 4).

Moreover, both Islam and Christianity believe in the word of God being delivered by way of apostles and messengers through a prescribed book. For the Christians it is the Holy Bible and for Muslims the Holy Qur'an. Believers of both faiths are encouraged to subscribe to these devout written works for information, guidance, and examples of right living. Use of the Bible and the Qur'an, respectively, are utilized in private prayer and worship as well as in communal teaching (Games & Coren 143).

In addition, Christians and Muslims ascribe to a moral code of conduct that has many similarities. For example, both teach that faith without practice that is implemented in daily life is not representative of living a right life. For those who fail to ascribe to the laws of God there is punishment; as well as for disrespect, idol worship and blasphemy (Asad 56). Both faiths teach that at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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