Religion in Colonial America Essay

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Religion in Colonial America

Religion in the Thirteen Colonies

Religion was an important issue in the original Thirteen Colonies. At first, the dominant religion (and the nature of the religious dominance of one religion in particular) closely reflected the British origin of the Colonists. While the American Colonies did allow more religious freedom than was possible in Britain, there were still fundamental conflicts and elements of religious persecution in the Colonies that were directly related to their British heritage (Nevins & Commager, 1992). In some cases, those attitudes were further fueled by concerns and fears about the possible allegiance of some Colonists to potential foreign enemies of the Colonies (Furlong, Margaret, & Sharkey, 1988; Nevins & Commager, 1992). Religion also affected the adoption of the modern technologies of the day, especially in regions of New England and Pennsylvania where many Puritans and Quakers lived, respectively. Religious values generated the first published objections to slavery as well, which also had an impact on the different rates of adoption of new technologies in various colonies (Nevins & Commager, 1992).

Regional Religious Differences in the Colonies

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By far, the most dominant religion in the Thirteen Colonies was Protestantism (Furlong, Margaret, & Sharkey, 1988). Just as in Britain, Protestantism was, in practice if not necessarily by law, considered the established government religion in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire and all of the Colonists in those states had to pay taxes to support the Protestant Congregational Church, regardless of whether or not they were members and regardless of whether or not they were even Protestant. Likewise, in Virginia and in Maryland, and to a less formal extent in Georgia and South Carolina, the official government religion was the Church of England (Furlong, Margaret, & Sharkey, 1988; Nevins & Commager, 1992).

Essay on Religion in Colonial America Assignment

The Middle Colonies enjoyed greater religious freedom and diversity because the British did not establish a government religion and permitted other churches (Furlong,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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