Religion Comparing the Catholic Essay

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The church property, material representations of the religion, and anything that is connected with God, Jesus other church is deemed to be sacred, and worthy of respect. Therefore, this is an all-encompassing religion, which impacts on the lives of the followers in many ways.

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Examining the Wiccan religion, talking to an individual's follows this path indicates some interesting parallels as well as some significant differences. Wicca is a relatively new religion, which the followers early date back to roughly the 1950s, founded by Gerald Gardner and Doreen Valiente. However, while the religion itself is relatively new, the foundations were based on much older traditional beliefs associated with a respect and reverence for nature and the concept of duality. Rather than simply one God, as seen Catholicism, Wiccans believe that there is a God and a Goddess, which may be worship through many different aspects manifestations.

The basic belief system is based on the concept of power of nature and the need for respect to the world around us and lives in harmony with nature, so that man is not seen as the most important creature on earth. Furthermore, there is also the concept of natural justice or karma. The belief system means in strongly with the ethical aspects of the religion, where respect and consideration should be given to all living things.

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The community aspect is important, but is noted to be relatively small in the region that is relatively fragmented with no single central hierarchy. However, there is a sense of community not only with other Wiccans, but also with other followers of different pagan past. The general approach is an acceptance of a world in which there can be many different religions, and where all religions as well as living beings should be respected. The concept of sacredness also reflects this broader approach, where the entire world and the manifestation of nature are deemed to be sacred. However, there are some specific sacred sites, related not to religious stories, but due to past use. For example, many Wiccans would hold in esteem the ancient stone circles found in Europe.

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The role of myths within this religion is far more important. Myths form the central tenant of many of the stories, and represent the different aspects of the different God and Goddess, often telling stories of man's interaction with gods, and the way in which the Gods themselves evolved. Rituals can be divergent, depending upon the individual coven practicing as rituals, but will usually involve the costing of a circle, the calling of quarters to represent different elements and paying homage to the God and Goddess. Just as seen with the Catholic Church, there are also Wiccan rituals that mark different life-cycle stages. The material expression of the religion is seen in many areas; with the potential use of different symbols, such as a pentagram as a necklace, figurines of different aspects of the God and Goddess, as well as an individual alter in the Wiccans home. Within the Wiccan religion and the religious experience is far more personal, with the individual experience of reflecting a relationship with the deities without the need for mediation by a third party, such as a priest.

Therefore, when comparing the Wiccan religion with Catholicism, while the specifics of the beliefs vary, there are a number of important commonalities. The commonalities include the importance of a belief system based on historical traditions, the importance of ritual, the aspect of communal worship and the following of an ethical code as a central tenant of the way individuals live their life. The Wiccan religion is far more fragmented, more flexible and less hierarchical at a societal level, but it is also much younger, which may account for this greater level of fragmentation.


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